Tips on how to improve self confidenceTips on how to improve self confidence

1. Before attending any Interview, Having Confidence in Yourself and believing in your abilities is the first rule for Interview Success. If you don?t believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you.

2. Preparing for the interview in advance is a sensible thing to do. Prepare for the interview by gaining more knowledge about the Company, its work culture, its policies etc by visiting companies website and by reading some of its Corporate Company literature. By doing sufficient homework before the interview, you will be able to add tremendously to your self confidence because you will be ready to answer specific questions that the interviewer may ask during the course of the interview.

3. Remember: First impression is usually the last impressions. Dress Well for the interview. What you wear and how you look can once again add to your Self confidence level. Hence, make sure that you dress smartly and project a confident and professional image.

4. In Interview communicate well. From the moment you enter the interview room and till the time you leave it, you will be under constant scrutiny. Hence, you must portray your self confidence in the way you walk, talk, sit and communicate. Build on your conversational skills so that you may not be at a loss for words while replying to questions posed by the interviewer.

5. The way someone walks, communicates, works or socializes will tell you loads of the individual?s self confidence or lack of it. Even a simple handshake can tell you a lot about his or her amount of self confidence.

6. Believe in yourself and have faith in your beliefs. Adopt a Positive and Confident Tone of Voice. Each time you talk, make sure that you sound interested, confident and positive. Whenever you are asked a question, take your time to think about it and then answer it to the best of your abilities. In the event that you have a doubt, clarify from the Interviewer before answering it .

Self confidence derives from knowing that you have the right type of skills and Interesting goals to achieve. The rule of thumb says that the clearer the goal is, the higher self confidence gets. And, truth to be said, there is little people can do without it. Even the most capable body and mind won?t do anything good without the self confidence

Interview Success Results are not always in our hands. But it is definitely up to us how well we make the effort. So believe in your abilities and have a successful interview.

7. Gain Knowledge ? Sometimes people lack Self Confidence because they lack knowledge. In such a case get knowledge. Read books related to Your Topics, newspapers or magazines. Get training from good professional institute. Discuss with others. When you have enough knowledge about a subject or work you feel more confident.

8. Imagine you are succeeding ? The next good step to gain self-confidence is to imagine that you are confident and succeeding. Do this exercise of imagining twice a day.

9. Act like a Confident Person- Even if you don?t have any confidence in you try to act daily that you are having it. You have to do it intentionally. Stand in front of a mirror and replace your gestures into the gestures of a very confident persons. Intentionally and firmly fill the feeling of confidence in you. Try to act confidently for some time.

Follow the above suggestions till you become really very confident, and start gaining success in life. After that your sub-conscious mind will take charge and do the work of strengthening your new programming of gaining self-confidence.