Tips to improve communication skills

The Left and Right Co-ordination Exercise for improving communication skills

Are you searching for exercise to improve communication skills then Do the left and right coordination exercise to activate your creative abilities by making use of your non dominant hand.
Principle of Brain: The Creative functions are controlled by Right Half of your Brain. Right Brain also controls the left part of your Body. When you want to improve communication skills, and when you want to make use of the best of both worlds, Keep them synchronized.

Tips to improve communication skillsNinety percent of population is Right Handed and do not use their Left hand as much. Use your Left hand to do some of the basic things like Eating and brushing you teeth, washing your face. Engage your left hand in skillful work. This will start to activate your Right Brain functions.

As you become comfortable with the simple activities or your daily activities, take it to the next level by writing with Left hand. These activities will sufficiently increase the dormant power of your Right Brain. If you are left handed, do the same with right hand.? Feel free to practice this kind of exercise and do it any way you want. There are no rules for creativity.

The aim of this exercise is to improve communication skills by improving your left-right brain synchronization.

Exercising Tips

1. Brush your teeth with Left Hand, if you are right handed person, Incase if you are left handed then brush your teeth with right hand.
2. Use only Left hand to Eat Food, but make sure you wash it thoroughly before you eat.
3. Draw diagrams with your Left hand.
4. Polish your shoes with left hand.
5. Try to do house hold works with left hand.
6. Start mirror writing with right hand
7. Learn to write with left hand.
8. Learn to write with left hand and right hand simultaneously.

Try doing your daily activities with left hand as much as possible to improve communication skills. Let your creativity run and you will come up with some new ideas to take your communication to a whole new level. Improving Communication skills is just like sharpening your sword.

Do things differently. It will improve your communication skills.