Tips to overcome fear of public speaking

Public speaking is one of the important skills and you must get over the Fear of public speaking. Here are some tips that help you to overcome your Fear of public speaking.

Before you start speaking Take deep breath, this relaxes your mind and body and also makes your blood pressure lower.

How to Overcoming Fear of Public SpeakingTry to dress well it helps you to get more confidence.

Keep a note or paper with you just for referring. Highlight main points of your speech with colored markers.

Familiarize yourself with the auditorium or room where you are going to deliver your speech.

Imagine that you are standing alone in front of a mirror during public speaking.

Get well prepared for your speech with full confidence. Practice it in front or your family or friends before the real presentation.

If you fell nervous find a person whom you know or have friendly relation. At the same time look around the room in order to give them notion that you also pay attention to them.

Don’t keep your hand inside your pocket while you feel nervous. Also avoid playing with your buttons as all these things cause distraction to your audience.

Try to speak your audience in a conversational manner. Don?t think that you are doing a hectic task.

One the day of Public Speaking Avoid foods or drinks that make you jittery.

If you are using any other equipment make sure that they are working properly.

Before you go to sleep visualize yourself giving the speech in a better way.

Speak more and more. The more experience you have with the public speaking the less nervous you will become.

Lack of speech clarity is the main criteria that every speakers face in their speech. Write your speech in a paper and practice it until you can deliver the speech with more confidence. If you can not speak with clarity, the audience can not understand what you are talking. So you will not get the proper response form your audience as you expected.