Tips To Prevent From Diabetes

diabetesTips To Prevent From Diabetes

Some forms of diabetes cannot be prevented, however, there are simple steps you can take to help minimise your risk from diabetes.

Diabetes becomes more prevalent with age. About half of all the cases are diagnosed over age 60. There are two types of diabetes that can affect seniors. Type I diabetes occurs when the body?s immune system, for some yet undiscovered reason, mistakenly attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for making insulin. However, 90 percent of the time when an older person gets the disease, it is diabetes II. If you have Type II, your pancreas is still doing its job. The catch is that it either isn?t producing enough insulin or it is making plenty of insulin but your body has developed what is known as insulin resistance. Although diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure, here are a few suggestions that can help you.

You can help prevent developing pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes by making healthy lifestyle choices. They?ll also lower your risk of developing heart disease and improve your mood and general mental health. People with diabetes need to keep their condition under control by managing their blood sugar level effectively. This takes careful diet, exercise, insulin regulation and blood testing ? running a drop of blood on a test strip through a blood glucose meter. Efficient control helps to maintain blood sugar levels and avoid possible health complications associated with diabetes. Mismanagement of medications can cause blood sugar levels to drop or spike too quickly, possibly causing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Type 1 Diabetes

People with Type 1 diabetes should go for insulin injections and a carefully controlled diet and consistent exercise to stay healthy.

Type 2 Diabetes

People with Type 2 diabetes should stick to a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and exercise regime. Losing weight helps to keep Type 2 diabetes under control. Some also require insulin injections or tablets. Diabetes is a progressive disease, meaning that if it is not managed well it can get worse over time, sometimes making it necessary to begin having insulin injections even if this was not required previously.

Follow these steps to stay away from diabetes.

For obese or overweight people, losing weight even in small amounts cuts your risk of developing pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

People with an apple body shape, who gain weight around their middle, have a higher diabetes risk As a general guideline, women should have a waist measurement of less than 31.5 inches, and men less than 37 inches. Anything over is considered overweight.

Achieve your weight-loss by making small healthy lifestyle changes, rather than by unhealthy dieting. Consulting a dietician may help you to reform your eating habits. Try to work up to a minimum of half an hour of moderate exercise every day if you really want to see good results.

Health diet to Reduce Symptoms of Diabetes

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

Eat lots of wholegrain breads.

Eat lean meat, fish and poultry, or healthy vegetarian alternatives

Eat reduced-fat dairy products.

Keep your intake of unhealthy fats like saturated and Trans fats to a minimum

Drink lots of water minimum 5 to 6 Liters.

Keep your salt intake to a minimum

Avoid alcohol

Try to exercise for at least half an hour every day.

Pay Attention to Your Feet

Consume Fiber

Avoid Processed Foods

Eat Several, Smaller Meals

If you are suffering from diabetes Go for moderate types of exercise like swimming, cycling or going for a brisk walk, and slowly build up more activity into your day by climbing the stairs and washing the dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher. Careful treatment can reduce symptoms and the risk of any complications caused by Diabetes.