viral amrketingViral Marketing Tips

This type of marketing relies on the message of a marketer being spread quickly through various social networks in order to increase brand awareness. The name viral marketing stems from the rapid spread of viruses in general. Typically, a viral marketing campaign will not last as long as other marketing efforts, but if a company can come up with a good idea for viral marketing and reach the right people, it will become highly successful in a short amount of time.

  1. Everyone loves free things. Free makes everyone happy. Every one look into the exhaustive scientific studies that attest to these statements, but really, there is no need for it. The giveaway model always works, it works off the Internet, it works equally well on it too. You can offer ebooks or Internet tools, or even sample mp3?s if your music is what you wish to promote, and set the ball rolling. Just ensure what you give away is not sub-standard junk that you won?t use yourself. If people like the stuff, they?ll share, talk about it and generate interest in your business.
  2. This one explains itself. If you want people to notice you campaign, you have to do something different something unexpected. Forget about trying to promote your products as just being great everybody does that. Forget about trying to make it look cool everyone else has “been there, done that”. Try some thing different.
  3. One of the biggest mistake companies make is when they think viral marketing is just advertisements that people share, it is not. Traditional marketing is about promoting your product, showing how good it is, giving it center stage and generally being incredibly selfish and possibly using supermodels or movie stars. But guess what, nobody cares about you. Viral marketing is all about a good story.
  4. Another important element is to connect with your audience. Remember you got their attention, they are excited and now they want talk. Comments are one of the most effective ways to do this.
  5. Make your viral traffic campaign as interactive as possible. If your viral marketing campaign does not allow consumers to interact with the story and the events taking place in your viral promotion campaign, you will have missed the point of viral site promotion all together.
  6. One of the most straightforward viral marketing tools that you can employ is the email signature. This is particularly helpful in mailing lists that you utilize to send messages to many people. Some time ago, this very same method was used by Yahoo Mail, making them the worlds largest free email provider. The reason for this methods usefulness is quite simple. People can quickly remember a brand, company name, product, or website when you show it to them frequently. Using email signature is a very subtle way of doing this without being annoying.