Web Hosting Glossary and Terminologies

Web Hosting Glossary and Terminologies

Parked Domain : – A separate web domain pointing to your current account. People generally buy .com and .net versions. Either of them gives the same information.

Dedicated IP : An P address that will be used by your website independently. A dedicated IP is a must for using SSL for accepting payment through your website.

SSL : – An acronym for Secure Socket Layer, it is an encryption mainly used for eCommerce websites for secure payments through credit cards. When you use SSL in your site, you will find ?https://? in the address bar on the secure page.

Web Hosting Glossary and TerminologiesBandwidth : – Amount of data transfer used on your account, whenever an email is received or sent, or when files are downloaded and uploaded.

.htaccess : — Determines permissions on what can be accessed by a particular file, by etablishing certain parameters on them.

FTP : – An acronym for File Transfer Protocol, it enables the uploading and downloading of files.

SSH 😕 An acronym for Secure Shell that allows file transfer. Not many shared hosts allow this kind of file transfer.

Add-On Domain: — A different website within your account that shares the resources of your hosting plan.

Disk Space : – Amount of space allocated on your web server for storing files, web pages, emails, etc.