Worst Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Worst Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important period in a woman’s life. During Pregnancy extra care is required for the expecting mother specially when it comes to food. What ever the food consumed by the mother can directly affect the health of the child.

There are some foods which may be harmful for your baby. You should avoid those particular foods during pregnancy. Here are some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy

Sea food

High mercury fish and sea foods to be avoided during pregnancy, which can damage brain and nervous system of the baby. Avoid fish like tuna, shark, swordfish, walleye, marlin and so forth.


Avoid Papaya during pregnancy, as it is dangerous which can lead to abortion.The raw papaya contains latex, which causes uterine contractions and restricts fetal growth.


Pineapple contains bromelain, a compound which can cause softening of the cervix leading to unsuccessful labour to miscarriage.Pineapple can raise body heat rapidly which can cause abortion or premature birth.

Uncooked eggs

Raw or uncooked eggs has to be avoided during pregnancy. They contain the harmful bacteria salmonella, which causes food poisioning. It also weakens the immune system.


Consuming high caffeine during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth and withdrawal symptoms in infants.

Raw meat

Avoid raw meat and poultry during pregnancy. The raw and uncooked meat contains Toxoplasma parasite which cause toxoplasmosis, which can lead to miscarriage or fetal death during delivery. It also contains salmonella bacteria which causes food poisioning.


Grapes has to avoid particularly amid the last phases of conception. Grapes hike up the body temperature prompting undesirable complexities. The Resveratrol in grapes can cause numerous difficulties by imbalancing the hormones during pregnancy.

So, these are the foods to avoid during pregnancy. Avoid these foods and have a healthy pregnancy.