Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips   Along with Internet marketing, mobile marketing is part of the newest groups of marketing activities. Companies have been experimenting with the certain ways to reach consumers through their mobile phones. Some ways to marketing a product or service through a mobile phone include SMS marketing, in-game […]

ADO.NET Interview Questions

ADO.NET Interview Questions What is ADO.Net? Explain about LINQ? Explain LINQ to Entities? What is a stored procedure? Explain about data provider? Explain about Data services? How do I define a data adapter? Explain about Active X data objects? How to select data set or data reader? How XML is […]

B2B Marketing Tips

B2B Marketing Tips   Any type of business, whether an organization, individual, government or other institution that markets to other businesses is involved in business to business marketing. Since B2B marketing involves companies trying to sell mass quantities of product to one another, there is a more personal relationship that […]

Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer Prevention Tips   While there are many reasons for cancer that cannot be changed such as family history, there are ways that you can take control and lower your risk for certain cancers. For example, you can lower your risk for cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, lot […]

VB.NET Interview Questions

VB.NET Interview Questions Explain about .NET? What is the base class of .net? What is Anchoring and Docking? Describe about Visual basic.NET? Compare C# and Visual basic.NET? What is interface and give examples? How do I use the Input Box Function? How do I create Procedure Delegates? Difference between Array […]

VC++ Interview Questions

VC++ Interview Questions What Is CMutex? Explain about utility? Explain about VC++? Explain about frames? Explain about typedef? What are tuples in vc++? Explain about functional? Explain about type_traits? Explain about CFrameWnd? What is CArchive class does? Explain about InitApplication ()? Explain about the function regex? Explain about tuple in […]