Advantages of blogs:

Blogs have potential to help organizations develop stronger relationship and build brand loyalty with its customers. Blogs help to share knowledge within the organization. The consumers and citizens are potentially informed better about the product or service and this can only good for long term health of our societies and economies. Everybody has a book inside him; this book was exposed to people with the help of blogs.

Blogs enables two-way communications. Two-way communications are important for business because it is impossible for traditional advertisement to achieve two-way communications. Blogs can do both advertisement and two-way communications at the same time. Blogs are search-engine-friendly and since blogs are updated regularly, search engines will “crawl” them more often and add your new posts to their index, Blogs boost online branding, they create awareness of your product/service, Blogs have the potential to develop stronger relationships with its Clients/customers, and Blogs provide an excellent way of sharing information/knowledge. The reader/Client is better informed. Blogs allow you to interact with your customer base. Blogs offer you the option of enabling a “comments” field where readers can give you feedback; you will have at your disposal an effective and inexpensive way to get to know your Clients/customers better. Blogs build up the profile of the author. The firm/author will be showcased as having talent/expertise, Blogs create an environment where not only the author, but all the participants can share ideas and opinions on a diverse range of subjects and learn from each other.

Advantages and Disadvantages of blogsDisadvantages of blogs:

Most people who participate in blog don?t have much to say that?s interesting and are unable to write their ideas in a clear and compelling manner. Blogs are easy to start but hard to maintain many blogs are not updated thus damaging rather than enhancing the reputation of the organization.