ASP.NET Interview Questions

  1. Life cycle of ASP?
  2. What is smart navigation?
  3. Define state management?
  4. What do you mean by round trip?
  5. How ASP .NET different from ASP?
  6. What do you mean by web service?
  7. Whats the use of @ Register directives?
  8. Is xml plays any role in architecture?
  9. What does this do? Gacutil /l | find /i ?about?
  10. What base class do all Web Forms inherit from?
  11. What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?
  12. Can we use http handlers to upload a file in
  13. Which two properties are on every validation control?
  14. What is the difference between boxing and unboxing?
  15. How can i configure Data Adapter to generate dataSet?
  16. What do you mean by authentication and authorization?
  17. What is FullTrust? Do GAC? Ed assemblies have FullTrust?
  18. What method do you use to explicitly kill a user? s session?
  19. What is the exact purpose of http handlers and interfaces?
  20. Different between response.output.redirect and response. Write?
  21. What are the disadvantages of view state/what are the benefits?
  22. What is the standard you use to wrap up a call to a Web service?
  23. Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?
  24. What is the difference between excute query and excute nonquery?
  25. What is strong-typing versus weak-typing? Which is preferred? Why?
  26. What are PDBs? Where must they be located for debugging to work?
  27. Is there any limit for query string? If means what is the maximum size?
  28. What is the difference between Server. Transfer and Response. Redirect?
  29. What is the maximum number of cookies that can be allowed to a web site?
  30. What does the “EnableViewState” property do? Why would I want it on or off?
  31. How will you load dynamic assembly? How will create assesblies at run time?
  32. Can anybody tell me how to fire the text changed event of textbox inside the grid?
  33. What is the difference between webpage, webserver, website and web application?
  34. What is a Windows Service and how does its lifecycle differ from a? Standard? EXE?
  35. What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  36. Is there any difference between Form Post and PostBack.If yes what is the difference?
  37. Describe session handling in a web farm, how does it work and what are the limits?
  38. What tags do you need to add within the asp: datagrid tags to bind columns manually?
  39. How does the XmlSerializer work? What ACL permissions does a process using it require?
  40. How do we connect to the 11S if we want to use it instead of the built in Web Server?
  41. How a grid can be made editable in ASP.Net? How to Access a particular cell of Grid? What is the difference between data grid and data list?
  42. How to create a package for web application with components that shared with other applications?
  43. Describe the difference between inline and code behind – which is best in a loosely coupled solution?
  44. How can we use web service web service in c# windows application that is developed in visual studio?
  45. Which method do you invoke on the Data Adapter control to load your generated dataset with data?
  46. What is the core difference between ASP and ASP.NET and why do you want to migrate?
  47. In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer is it important to understand these events?
  48. True or False: To test a Web service you must create a windows application or Web application to consume this service?
  49. Why we need both server controls and html controls in What is the difference between them?
  50. Where would you use an HTTP Module, and what are the limitations of any approach you might take in implementing one?