Career Opportunities in B.ED Course

Career Opportunities in B.ED Course

Taking up the career as a teacher is challenging and very rewarding. Today, a B.Ed degree can be matched to a variety of career options other than just school teaching. With the growth in commercial private sector in education, which are represented by companies has expanded the careers opportunities for B.Ed degree-holders.

B.Ed. is a Bachelor of Education, is the beginning of a long career in academic, education, community, business, politics, or government. The B.ED course of education offers plenty of opportunities to advance your education in the areas of educational administration, educational foundations, educational psychology and special education in school counseling, educational curriculum as teacher librarian, educational communications and technology. There are also specialized courses available in B. Ed such as B. Ed Home Science Education and B. Ed Special Education for Mental Retardation.

B.ED CourseB.ED course gives you the skills you need to plan, teach, assess and evaluate an appropriate curriculum for children at different ages and stages which helps to make the most of national and international developments in education. B. Ed course is an intensive programme that covers school teaching.

B. Ed is a professional teachers training course that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level, secondary and senior secondary classes at the school level. BEd programme must be recognised by the NCTE otherwise it will not be considered valid for employment under the central and state governments or colleges, universities, and schools aided by them.

Those who want to seek training in B.ED course should develop a knowledge, practical skills and an understanding of the primary teacher’s job. Skills in communication, both written and oral, are also essential.

Graduates to pursue a regular B.Ed course can enroll in a 4 year (BA. B. ED) programme. For university lecturership postgraduates in various subjects have to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) for seeking appointment.

B.ED course is usually a one-year course that can be pursued only after a Bachelor?s degree. A B. Ed along with a Bachelor?s degree qualifies you to become a Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) who can teach up to class 10. And a B. Ed with a Master?s degree makes you eligible to be a Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) who can teach classes 11th and 12th standard. One can also join B. Ed after doing Master?s degree.

After doing the B. Ed course the candidate will gain a qualified teacher status and you step into the schools as a qualified primary class teacher then you may go on to become a subject coordinator, key stage co-ordinator or eventually head teacher.

Some teachers become specialists in teaching children with special needs, or join multi-agency teams supporting children?s welfare There are many institutions that require the candidate to have secured a minimum of 50 per cent in graduation.