Career Opportunities in Oceanography

A career in oceanography is an exciting career opportunity, where Oceanographers conduct research study many aspects of the sea. Their findings provide valuable information for industry and government such as fishing industry as Oceanographers are sea scientists. The Oceanographers work on ships or in laboratories on land.

Career Opportunities in OceanographyThe career of Oceanographer means is the study of different facets of sea such as sea floor, marine life, ocean currents, the physical and chemical composition of the water and also the air above the ocean. Oceanographers spend long periods of time at sea collecting samples and gathering information, living and working space on some ships that are confined. Oceanographers may also work for long hours preparing papers for publication in scientific journals.

Oceanographers, depending on their specialties, they may use scuba diving equipment or specially designed submarines. The study of oceanography is divided into different academic disciplines:

Geological oceanography
Chemical oceanography
Physical oceanography
Biological oceanography
Ocean engineering
Marine archaeology and
Marine policy.

The Oceanographers work is involved in one of the following five branches of oceanography:

Physical Oceanography
Marine Biology
Marine Geoscience
Marine Chemistry
Coastal and Ocean Engineering

To acquire career as Oceanographers, particular skills are required by the person such as they must love the sea and have a lively interest in it, should have good interpersonal relationships as they work in teams. The ability to speak and write clearly, good critical thinking skills. Fluency in computers, the ability to speak one or more foreign languages; certification as a scuba diver; the ability to work for long periods of time in cramped conditions; physical stamina; physical strength; and, of course, a high tolerance to motion sickness.

To seek career in Oceanography one must have a bachelor’s degree in related fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, or engineering for the starting positions. Students can earn a degree in oceanography or take courses in oceanography related graduate training for advancement. A doctoral degree is required for college teaching and for many research and administrative positions.

Most oceanographers are involved in both teaching and research. Job opportunities for oceanographers are limited though opportunities for oceanographers are expected to grow. Many oceanographers get their jobs with contacts made during their schooling. They can also apply directly to schools and research institutes. And to work in government agency, the student must apply for the civil service test.

Oceanographers with a bachelor’s degree earn a starting salary in the range of $32,000 to $40,000 per year after completing the course. Oceanographers can act as consultants for companies that operate in the coastal zone and marine environment. Salaries vary with education, experience, level of responsibility, and employer.