Career Opportunities in Psychology

Psychology is a branch of science career, is a study of both human and nonhuman animals behavior. The psychologists who pursed career in psychology basically study the intersection of two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and another between the environment and behavior.

Career Opportunities in PsychologyCareers in psychology are diverse and varied, with many different specialty areas to choose from. It is a well respected profession around the world and is well-paying as well.

There are many specialisations in many fields to pursue career in psychology. Psychology provides many job opportunities in schools, collages, hospitals, prisons, NGOs, industries and corporate houses.

School psychologists work in educational settings to help children deal with emotional, academic and social problems.

Counselors help a people with a wide variety of problems, including marriage, family, emotional, educational and substance abuse issues. Nearly half of all counselors work in health care or social welfare settings,

Forensic psychologists apply psychology to the fields of criminal investigation and law. This has rapidly become one of the hottest psychology career trends. Forensic psychologists often work with other experts to resolve child custody disputes, scrutinize insurance claims, perform child custody evaluations and investigate suspected child abuse.

Engineering psychologists use psychology to investigate how people interact with machines and other technology. These professionals use their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help design and improve technology, consumer products, work settings and living environments.

Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat clients suffering from psychological disorders. These professionals typically work in hospital settings, mental health clinics or private practices. Clinical psychology is the single largest employment area within psychology,

Sports psychologists focus on the psychological aspects of sports and athletics, including topics such as motivation, performance and injury.

Industrial-organizational psychologists focus on workplace behavior, often using psychological principles to increase worker productivity and select employees that are best-suited for particular jobs. There are several different specialty areas within industrial-organizational psychology.

Special education teachers work with students with a variety of disabilities. The field of special education offers a great deal of opportunity for those who enjoy helping children. To become a special education teacher, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and complete a teacher training program in special education.

To become a Psychologists one must have doctoral degrees as Bachelor, Master, M.phil., Ph.D. They have to study several years to specialise in various aspects of psychology. One can pursue Psychology at the plus two level, graduate, post graduate and doctorate level. Many collages and universities in India offer psychology as a subject right from plus two level.

To pursue career in psychology, one has to have a genuine interest in people. Psychologists follow scientific methods of observation, experimentation, and analysis and must be creative to apply scientific methods on people.

Many psychologists work independently and also team up with other professionals. Opportunities for people with advanced degrees in psychology are expanding in number. Due to the multi-faceted nature of the psychology subject opens up wide range of job opportunities for psychologists.

Working as a professional psychologist might be very tough but remunerative. Remuneration depends upon qualification, specialization and experience.