Android Online Training In India

Definition of Android : Android is software for mobile phones, tablets and a growing range of devices encompassing everything from wearable computing to in-car entertainment. It launched in 2003 and is the world’s most popular mobile operating system (OS). Android is an open source project (led by Google but it […]

Android Training Institutes

Android Training Institutes Android is a free, open source, mobile platform operating system that was introduced, with the help of Google, by the Open Handset Alliance in November of 2007. Since then, Android?s popularity has increased its growth with mobile application developers. Android applications are written using the Java programming […]

Android OS and its Advantages

Android OS and its Advantages Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android has a large community of developers writing applications (“apps”) that extend the functionality of the devices. The Android operating system is a lot like the Windows operating system you […]

Android Voice Commands

Android Voice Commands Android has had voice commands known as voice actions, since mid-2010, but it?s perfectly possible to use Android and never come across them. An Android phone is a handheld computer, a music player, a notepad, a GPS navigation unit and more, all rolled into one sleek device […]