CICS Interview Questions

  1. What is Quasi-reentrancy?
  2. What is the meaning for CICS?
  3. What do we do by using CICS?
  4. What is a transaction id or code?
  5. What is a PPT and how it is used?
  6. What is a PCT and how it is used?
  7. How a CICS Transaction be initiated?
  8. How do you use extended attributes?
  9. How are VSAM Files Read in CICS pgms?
  10. How would you resolve an ASRA abend?
  11. How do you handle errors in CICS pgms?
  12. What are the following entities represent?
  13. How do you logoff from a CICS transaction?
  14. What XCTL and LINK command is used for?
  15. What is the use of DSECT parameter in BMS?
  16. How do you execute a background CICS txn?
  17. How do you delete Item 3 in a five-item TSQ?
  18. How do you terminate each CICS commands?
  19. Name some important fields in the EIB block?
  20. Can you define multiple maps in a BMS map set?
  21. What is the difference between LINK and XCTL?
  22. Why the EXEC CICS HANDLE command is used?
  23. Have you ever heard of SNT in CICS Processing?
  24. How do you obtain the storage dump from CICS?
  25. What is the difference between START and XCTL?
  26. How do you rollback data written to an ESDS File?
  27. What is the difference between a PF key & a PA key?
  28. Do you receive the attribute byte in the symbolic map?
  29. What transaction will you use to debug a CICS Program?
  30. What are the eight steps for a CICS program development?
  31. What is the use of DFHCOMMAREA and where it is located?
  32. What are the differences between DFHCOMMAREA and TSQ?
  33. Can a CICS region be attached to more than one DB2 subsystem?
  34. In a CICS development, do you compile the map or program first?
  35. What is the difference between a RETURN with TRANSID and XCTL?
  36. How do you place the cursor on a particular position on the screen?
  37. What is Pseudo-conversation? How it is achieved in CICS Programs?
  38. What are the parameters will you use to code a SEND MAP command?
  39. How do I find the name of the CICS region inside my COBOL program?
  40. Which CICS defined field can you determine the position of the cursor on the map?