Cognos Connection and Cognos ReportNet Tool

Cognos Connection:

Cognos Connection. Since Cognos 8 BI is a web-based solution, reports and analyses are found on a web page. This web page is called Cognos Connection. Cognos Connection provides a single access point to applications so you can view and analyse your data.

Cognos Connection is like container which holds the reports developed by your team as well as by user self in My folder. Cognos Connection is used to-Create the Data Source, Imposes Security to Reports, Schedule the Jobs, Deploy the Reports to Diff Environments, Create Drill Though, Portal Administration etc.

Cognos Connection is the portal to ReportNet, the Web-based reporting solution. The portal provides a single access point to all corporate data available in ReportNet.

Cognos Connection is a single entry point to access entire functionality of the Cognos ReportNet, such as Report Studio, Query Studio, Reports, Server Administration, Directory Administration, System Administration etc.

Cognos Connection adds valuable functionality to your reports and analyses. For example

? Reports can be scheduled and distributed by email if required
? Access to reports and packages can be restricted

By mouse-clicking on an entry in Cognos Connection users can execute queries, reports and analyses, or see pre-run results, avoiding the need to re-create output that has recently been run.

You can also distribute output so that users from other areas of your organisation can see them.

Cognos Reporting Tool:

Cognos, a reporting tool from IBM with some compelling features that make it easier for Data Warehouse users to retrieve data and create reports. Cognos ReportNet (CRN) is a web-based software product for creating and managing ad-hoc and custom-made reports.

Cognos ReportNet uses web services standards such as XML and Simple Object Access Protocol and also supports dynamic HTML and Java. Cognos ReportNet is compatible with multiple databases including Oracle, SAP, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, DB2 and Sybase.

The Cognos ReportNet provides interface in over 10 languages, has Web Services architecture to meet the needs of multi-national, diversified enterprises and helps reduce total cost of ownership.

Cognos ReportNet is a web-based architecture, allowing people to create, run and view reports using just a web browser.

Cognos ReportNet is a dataware housing tool which is used for developing the reports. Cognos ReportNet is a dynamic and complete web based tool for reporting. When installing Cognos reportnet, the following client components will be installed.

Framework manager
Cognos connection
Query studio
Report studio

Features of Cognog ReportNet Tool:

Cognos ReportNet featured many innovations such as adaptive, drag-and-drop authoring and quick-to-deploy multilingual reporting

Reporting: Write and deliver any type of report, adaptable to any data source, quickly and easily.

Analysis: Analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources.

Scorecarding: Build scorecards to align teams and tactics with strategy.

Dashboards: Communicate complex information quickly with a range of easy-to-build dashboards.

Extend BI: Increase BI reach and user adoption rates through search, mobile access, and more.