Database Administration Interview Questions

  1. What is ORA-1555?
  2. Do View contain Data?
  3. What is Parallel Server?
  4. How do you sort a table?
  5. How is locking implemented?
  6. What is network database link?
  7. What is a deadlock and Explain?
  8. What is the function of redo log?
  9. What are the advantages of views?
  10. Can we decrease the Data file size?
  11. What are the types of database links?
  12. What are the uses of rollback segment?
  13. What is the use of redo log information?
  14. What is a database instance and Explain?
  15. What are the characteristics of data files?
  16. What are the different types of segments?
  17. Do you need a commit after DDL statements?
  18. How would you pass hints to the SQL processor?
  19. What type of index should you use on a fact table?
  20. How can you find all the tables created by an user?
  21. What are the large object types suported by Oracle?
  22. What is SYSTEM table space and when is it created?
  23. Whats the difference between indexes, views, synonyms?
  24. Shall we create procedures to fetch more than one record?
  25. What rule optimizations are possible in SQL query tuning?
  26. What is the relation between free list and buffer busy wait?
  27. Where would you look for errors from the database engine?
  28. How do you handle exceptions / errors in stored procedures?
  29. Name some built-in functions that can be used in SQL queries?
  30. Can objects of the same schema reside in different table spaces?
  31. What is an index and how it is implemented in Oracle database?
  32. How do you find which database the user is connected in oracle 10g?
  33. What are the basic element of Base configuration of an oracle Database?
  34. Whenever a DBA creates a user in which data file that will be get created?
  35. What are the components of logical database structure of Oracle database?
  36. Why is it important to write to the log before changing the database values?
  37. Do you consider yourself a development DBA or a production DBA and why?
  38. What are the different modes of mounting a Database with the Parallel Server?
  39. Is it advisable to force an index when you want to select most of the entries in the table?
  40. Explain how a database could be recovered via reprocessing. Why is this generally not feasible?