Database Security Interview Questions

  1. What are Roles?
  2. What is Auditing?
  3. What is Object Auditing?
  4. What is Privilege Auditing?
  5. What is default table space?
  6. What is Table space Quota?
  7. What is Statement Auditing?
  8. What is the function of Roles?
  9. What is a trace file and how is it created?
  10. What do you mean by Database Security?
  11. What is user Account in Oracle database?
  12. What is the use of ANALYZE command?
  13. How can you enable automatic archiving?
  14. What is user Account in Oracle database?
  15. What are the different Levels of Auditing?
  16. What is the function of Analyze command?
  17. What do you understand by data validation?
  18. What do you understand by object auditing?
  19. What do you know about table space Quota?
  20. What are roles? How can we implement roles?
  21. What are Table space Quota and default table space?
  22. Which of the stored procedures are used for security?
  23. How will you enforce security using stored procedures?
  24. How can we know whether a database is secured or not?
  25. What are the database administrator?s utilities available?
  26. Explain the parameters required in parameter file init.ora?
  27. What are the responsibilities of a Database Administrator?
  28. Explain the various system resources controlled by profile?
  29. What responsibilities does the Database Administrator have?
  30. What is Auditing? What are the different Levels of Auditing?
  31. What are the steps to creating a password authentication file?
  32. Which dictionary tables are there to monitor a database space?
  33. What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database spaces?
  34. Explain the method of data security in LAN or Local Area Network?
  35. What are the system resources that can be controlled through Profile?
  36. How can we specify the Archived log file name format and destination?
  37. ?What are the roles and user accounts created automatically with the database?
  38. What are the minimum parameters should exist in the parameter file (init.ora)?
  39. Which roles and user accounts are built automatically along with the database?