DHTML Interview Questions

  1. What is DHTML?
  2. What is logic match tag?
  3. What is the features of DHTML?
  4. What are the two tags framesets?
  5. What are the features of DHTML?
  6. What is the necessity of empty tag?
  7. How DHTML work with JavaScript?
  8. How to upload struts file in DHTML?
  9. How to Handle Events with DHTML?
  10. Difference between HTML and DHTML?
  11. How to use JavaScript with HTML event?
  12. What is the use of XHTML Modularization?
  13. What is the difference b/w DHTML and HTML?
  14. Tell about technologies that we use in DHTML?
  15. What are the attributes that make up a DHTML?
  16. What is the difference between AJAX and dhtml?
  17. How Font Size and Font Size is differ in DHTML?
  18. How do you create Drop down Combos in DHTML?
  19. What is the difference between HTML & DHTML…?
  20. What is the difference between DHTML and HTML?
  21. What major aspects constitute the DHTML as a concept?
  22. Why do I have to use these namespace things in XHTML?
  23. How can I make a custom rule, or a list with custom bullets?
  24. How do I use an image instead of the standard submit button?
  25. What are the advantages of using XHTML rather than HTML?
  26. How can you have different number of cells each row of a table?
  27. How can you have different number of cells for each row of a table?
  28. In DHTML what is the difference between Font Size and Font Size?
  29. What are the different ways of including the style in the dhtml page?
  30. What is the easiest way to convert my HTML documents to XHTML?
  31. In DHTML what is the difference between “Font Size” and “Font Size???
  32. How do I know which keywords to enter in order to make site catchable?
  33. What are the important features that makes DHTML more useful than HTML?
  34. What is the difference between the CLASS and ID when you are writing CSS?
  35. What are ways by which you can redirect from the specific page using JavaScript code?
  36. CSS has a lot of special rules that only apply to HTML. Do these also apply to XHTML?
  37. Which browsers support DHTML and how will non-supporting browsers handle DHTML?
  38. What are technologies we use in DHTML? Explain their significance in DHTML application?
  39. How can one offer the functionality of printing a webpage in DHTML page? What is the drawback of using it?
  40. Can I just put the XML declaration on top of existing HTML documents? Can I intermix HTML 4.01 and XHTML documents?