direct mrketingDirect Marketing Tips


Direct marketing is a type of advertising in which the marketer offers the product directly to the consumer. Direct marketing it is the goldmine source for obtaining leads that produce customers. If you are a direct marketer or want to take a direct marketing approach here are some direct marketing tips that can help the process along.

  1. Research is crucial to any business if you want to be at the top. Your efforts will give you insight to whom and where your prospects are. Define why, when and how they are converted into active buyers.
  2. Positioning your product in the proper segment and hard selling its uniqueness is very important. This makes the product stand out in the crowd. One way of ensuring this, of course, is increasing the quality of the communiqu?s you send out to your clients. That way, there is better brand image in their minds.
  3. Be committed. Make a commitment to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. Don’t be like so many others who have called it quits within inches of success. In direct selling, just as in any profession, the people at the top did not get there overnight. Resolve yourself to the fact that you will not get there in a day, but you will get there.
  4. Greet your prospect politely and keep your pitch accordingly. Don’t speak in a manner that looks loud and boisterous. At the same time, your voice shouldn’t be too slow. Dress up in sober colors as that sends the right and intended message. There is no room for parading flashy clothes and making your prospect suspicious about you. You can dress casually yet look professional. If there is a dress-code, then you need to dress according to that.
  5. Overcome customer reluctance by demonstrating how well your product has worked for other customers with similar problems. When using text, audio or video testimonials, a complete name and company name along with the city is most convincing.
  6. Tell your readers clearly and precisely what you want them to do. Do Not be timid. Tell them more than once. If you don’t, you run the risk of them not doing anything.
  7. Your sales letter is the letter that will sell your prospect on buying one or some of your products. To write a good sales letter, it’s good to have a swipe file handy.
  8. People want to know that what your offering is worth their time and money. If you offer them something of value for free they will get a good look at you and your product without feeling like you are trapping them into a quick sale which would equal a quick loss of their money.