GIF Animation Interview Questions

  1. What is Gif?
  2. What is XAML?
  3. What is the e-GIF?
  4. What is animation?
  5. What Is Bandwidth?
  6. What about GIF images?
  7. How is e-GIF developed?
  8. What is mean by Rigging?
  9. What is e-GIF compliance?
  10. What is a ambeant acclusion?
  11. How can I create GIF animations?
  12. How to Optimize Animated GIFs?
  13. How can I create GIF animations?
  14. What is the Importance of Images?
  15. How to add objects to a library file?
  16. How to select more than one frame?
  17. How to add a return in a Text object?
  18. How to animate a text fade in and out?
  19. What is”GIF” and what is “alternative GIF”?
  20. Can I copy objects from MotionGIF file A to file B?
  21. Where are the sample and library files after installation?
  22. How to make GIF. Animation picture into desktop background?
  23. Why an MGF file is needed that all imported images are converted to bitmaps?
  24. I like one of your gifs but it’s on a white background. Can I make it transparent?
  25. I want to add one of your animations to a posting in a forum. How do I go about it?