Group Discussion Interview Tips

Group Discussion Interview Tips

Group discussion definition: Group discussion is a methodology used by an organization to measure whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it requirements in its members. In the Group discussion Method the group of candidates is given a topic, given a few minutes to think about the same, and then asked to discuss the it among themselves for 15-20 minutes.

Group Discussion Interview TipsPurpose of the GD : Main purpose of the GD is observing the candidates skills. Like

* Leadership skills
* Ability of Reasoning
* Communication skills
* Initiative skills
* Flexibility
* Ability to work in a team
* Creativeness
* Ability to think on fast
* Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject

How To Analyze The Topic : Once interviewer given the topic we analyze topic with in 2or 3 minutes and write main points in your paper. It is very useful information of Group discussion. These are

* We know what is main Aim of the Topic
* Advantages $ dis Advantages of the topic
* Main causes of the Topic
* Economical issues of the Topic
* Political issues of The Topic
* Social issues of The Topic
* Legal issues of The Topic
* Technological of The Topic
* Conclusion of The Topic

Types of GD:

Generally Group discussions is two types

* Topic-based? GD: Topic-Based GD? can be classified into 3 types

1. Factual Topics
2. Controversial Topics
3. Abstract Topics

Factual Topics: Factual Topics are Socio-economic topics; it means current Topics which an????? ordinary person is aware of in his day-to-day life. . A factual topic for discussion gives a candidate a ability to prove that he is aware of and receptive to his environment.
E.g. The Politics in India, Education in India, State of the aged in the nation.

Controversial Topics: – Controversial topics are the ones that are challenging in nature. They are meant to generate controversy. Normally in GDs given this type of Topics for observing the noise level, tempers flying, is to see how much maturity the candidate is displaying by maintenance his temper in check, by judiciously and logically arguing his point of view without getting personal and emotional.

E.g.: Women reservations, reservations should be banned; Death sentence is Correct or Not

Abstract Topics: –
Abstract topics means theoretical topics .Abstract about intangible things. These topics test your lateral thinking and creativity.

E.g. A is an alphabet; the sky is Blue, The number 9

* Case-based GD: –
Another difference is the use of a case instead of a topic. The case study is to imitate a real-life situation. Information about the situation will be given to you and you would be asked as a group to resolve the situation. . In the case study there are no inaccurate answers or perfect solutions. The objective in the case study is to get you to think about the situation from various angles.

?Most important points to be remembered for good GD?:

1. Body language
2. Thinking a few minutes before starting of a GD about the Topic.
3. Don?t feel? no one is better than you
4. Don ?t express your personal emotions in GD
5. BE? strong? about of your point
6. Speak confidently and slowly
7. Should not be emotional? towards the person who are participating in the GD
8. Our points should not the against the? towards government or organization
9. Points should be like a message or information
10. Try to promote the person who are not participating in the GDG confidently

Rules of GD:

GD Do?s:

* Should maintain proper body language like not Shaking of legs$ hands, Playing with pens$ external objects.
* Don?t use the word ?I am telling?.
* Use ?As per my Knowledge? is better.
* Your body language says a lot about you ? your gestures and mannerisms are more likely to reflect your attitude than what you say.

Don?ts For a GD:
1. Don?t be still
2. Don?t be too AGGRESSIVE either
3. Avoid one to one discussions
4. Don?t hurry
5. Avoid national Language
6. Don?t interrupt unexpectedly ? to calm down say
?you are right????..but I Think ???..?

Current GD Topics

o A Unipolar World spells failure for underdeveloped countries like India
o Is Globalization Really compulsory?
o Love marriage/Arranged marriage?
o Effect of Western Culture ON India Youth
o Suggestions to Information and distribution Ministry to improve it?s services
o Influence of online social networks on our Youth
o Effects of Internet
o Hard working or smart working???
o As a management student, what could be done to control sub prime crisis?
o One billion People and only one Olympic medal
o Cricket telecast is a waste of time