How do you do Animation

The basis of animation is to simply create the illusion of moment from still images or objects referred to as modeling or meshing. The demand for skilled animators is growing more and more these days in a different types of business in which the most popular usage of animation is seen in the creation of animated graphics, banners or logos to go on websites.

Animation is what bringing an image or object to life by causing an illusion of motion by running a sequence of images to create motion where in fact it is not true, the images or models are fixed and do not move its the running of the sequence of images that creates the animation. To do an animation takes lots of commitment, patience, timing and perfection.

These days some of the software animation programs are used as it requires very little experience due to the training manuals, video guides and on-line help as it takes years to understand the art behind animation, but with software animation application limited knowledge is required as one could gain knowledge on subject.

How do you do AnimationFor doing an animation you need to follow three steps such as Modeling, Layout and background and Rendering.

But you want to be an animator you need an artist, so start animation by drawing an image of a stick figure of a person on the first page and again draw the stick figure with a slight variations like moving legs forward and backward on different pages, then as you flick the pages you will see the leg moving back and forward through the pages which creates an illusion of motion as if the stick figure is walking which is referred as animation.

Now set up a camera and start recording as you flick through the pages of your stick animation, and experiment with different camera angles. And while doing this you will see a stick image walking and moving his arms with a white background. Now you can fix background image like beach scene with your stick figure walking along it, make waves move or trees blowing in the wind.

If you get a basic idea of how to do an animation and understand that it is a sequence of still images or 3D objects that create an illusion of motion then you can go for pursuing animation and with the help of animation software you can do more animation without having vast knowledge of animation.

After you get the basic knowledge of doing animation you have access to Photoshop Extended which creates animation very quickly and save out your own animated graphics.