How to face Job Interview

How to face Job Interview

Job is very important for almost any one in the world. If you are going to interview, you should be very confident. You need to follow some tips to impress the recruiter or Hr. Some people may have stress when they are preparing for the interview. Try to keep your mind peace. Practice all your presentation before mirror or before your friends/ Colleagues. Proper preparation will reduce your stress. Arrange Casual dress for your interview. Don?t wear t-shirt, jeans. Try to sleep before 10 ?o? clock before night of the interview. You need to plan to arrive 20 minutes before to the interview place. So that you can take some breath, gather your thoughts and make a quick trip to the washroom to give your appearance better.

How to face Job InterviewFollow these steps in the interview place.

1) While facing interviewer greet him with his/her name. If you are unsure of the pronunciation, ask the employer to repeat it. Before entering the interviewer room check it with the front desk once.

2) Eye contact is very important with interviewer while answering.

3) Do not forget to take copies of resume, pen.

4) When he asked you about ?Tell me about yourself?, focus your answers on your background and a few professional and personal achievements and career if you are experienced person.

5) Stress on your achievements. For Example targets, sales records, the process of your project you have done and client dealings etc.

6) Show him your enthusiasm. This can be demonstrated through verbal and no verbal cues. It will give good impress on you.

7) Answer questions by speaking in terms of the position. Emphasis what you can do for the company.

8) While answering any thing, try to give example for your answer. That will give good impression.

9) Always think positive while answering.

10) Never lie with the interviewer. That is very big mistake people do. The interviewer is an expert in finding out if you are a straight forward type or the cunning type.

Company would prefer a straight forward candidate to a cunning one even if the cunning one?s abilities are interior to the latter once. The interviewer can break any lie. You should understand that he might be handled hundreds of interviews and his experience is far superior to yours. If you are truthful though out the interview, the chance of getting job is more.

11) You can share your strengths and weaknesses carefully. When they ask you to tell abut strength and weaknesses, answer without any hesitation. Of course no need to tell all your weaknesses.

12) Never argue with the interviewer in any point of view. Try to convince your interviewer of what you intend to convey in a diplomatic and soft manner. He might be testing your stress levels to see if you can handle stress situations in his company. Interviewers might consider small things like arguments also. So that be patient and don?t argue in verbal or in any thing.