How to motivate your team

Whatever the goals may be the goals a success in business is rarely down to technical skills or knowledge alone. Getting the most from your team is the sign of a good manager to work hand in hand with experienced team members so that everyone is working towards the same goals at the same speed. For this the key to this is motivating people and giving them space to develop themselves to their full potential.

By being able to motivate your team successfully starts with wanting the best for your people. If you care to find out about them and their needs and ambitions, you will find what motivates them. This will keep them performing at their best.

Guidelines to motivate your team:

Determine goals for your team:

By determining what you want your team to accomplish this month, this quarter and this year by being specifics as possible such as one new contact each day or five new customers a month instead of simply saying that you want to increase sales by year?s end provides gives your employees nothing concrete to strive for.

Drive your team attention:

Share your goals with your team and then live the goals as if they are really happening. Demonstrate that you?re committed. Include your sales team in the success of the organization and show you are willing to support them achieve that success.

Celebrate Success with your team:

Any time a new person makes a sale, give him or her public recognition in front of the entire team try to make it a small celebration of his success. Give your team a pat on the back or even a simple thank you for every sale they make. Do this consistently day in and day out and the majority of your organization will strive to get the recognition.

Give reliable position to your team members:

Give your experienced team members a bigger position of the company?s goals. Encourage them to take the lead and mentor the newer employees so everyone can achieve the goals together. Provide feedback in a positive manner; give them what was done right, mention the shortcomings and how the team can do better. Be a part of the team when there is blame to take but end your feedback on a positive note.

Try to motivate yourself:

Before you motivate others team members, you need to develop your own sense of motivation by building your confidence and develop self-belief.? Try to talk to the person who will encourage you. Divide the tasks into smaller chunks and start immediately on the first chunk. Delegate the task to a member of your staff. Delegation can be a great motivator instead of dumping an unwanted job on someone isn?t.

Money may not be motivating, Say Thank You:

Most of us think the financial rewards are motivated, but have the side-effect of making people competitive to the point of deliberately undermining one another. Just saying Thank you to your team members for their contributions. Let them know that you noticed, and that you?re grateful.