How to prepare for Group Discussions

How to prepare for Group Discussions

Now a days, Group Discussion has been a part of the Selection process for admission into most of the top Business Schools also for selecting into a job. Generally students when they are in colleges and universities they has not been adapted this method in their regular academic curriculum’s. So, students usually face a lot of problem in this area of the Selection Process.

Following are some of the skills assessed during group discussions, they are

Analytical / Logical skills

Communication skills


Divergent Thinking

Interpersonal Skills

Initiative nature

Leadership Skills

Motivational Skills

Team Building Skills


Listening skills

Presentation Skills

Because every company want a best candidate to be selected and work for them, so group discussions are one of the most effective way to find out the best candidate out of a group.


Below are some of the strategies need to be followed in order to crack the GD?s? in an effective way:




How to prepare for group Discussion



The first and foremost thing is, be prepared with some of the topics. i.e. try to have a bit idea on current affairs of country or world and some general topics.

?????? Listen to the given topic carefully, and get a clear idea on the topic. Write your points on the sheet provided and try to structure them.

?????? Try to sit in a chair, from where you can see every ones face. So that you can have a look at each individual and address them. This will reflect your interpersonal skills.

?????? Try to initiate the GD, with this you can have a positive edge over others. But if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the given topic please don?t initiate.

?????? Try to explain your statement with strong examples.

?????? One of the smartest things in group discussions is try to remember the names of the individuals involving in the GD, when you are targeting individuals address them with the names.

?????? If suppose the time given for group discussion is 15min, and try to come into discussion at least 5-6 times, with a short contribution.

?????? do not come into discussion many times, Give others a chance to speak. Respect contribution from other members, It reflects your team building skills

?????? Be assertive not dominating; try to maintain a balanced tone in your discussion and analysis.

?????? Don’t lose your control if anyone says anything you object to. The key is to stay objective: Don’t take the discussion personally.

?????? disagree politely and agree with what is right.

?????? Body gestures are also very important, because Your body language says a lot about you. try to sit straight, avoid leaning back on to the chair or knocking the table with pen etc.

?????? Summarize the discussion if the group has not reached a conclusion.