IMS Interview Questions

  1. What is IMS (DB/DC)?
  2. What is a Segment type?
  3. What is an IMS Database?
  4. What is a database record?
  5. Explain DBDGEN process?
  6. What is PSB, PCB & ACB?
  7. What is secondary indexing?
  8. What is meant by BMP mode?
  9. What are the objectives of DBMS?
  10. What are the control blocks in ims?
  11. What are the control blocks in IMS?
  12. What do you know about DBD gen?
  13. What are the different types of SSA’s?
  14. What information does a PSB contain?
  15. What is a key field in an IMS database?
  16. What is the process name for creating DBD?
  17. What for procopt is used? List some of them?
  18. What do you mean by Hierarchical Database?
  19. How many PCB? S can be coded within a PSB?
  20. What is the physical nature of a database called?
  21. What are the parameters used in CBLTDLI call?
  22. What is the diff. between proc options L and LS?
  23. What are the command codes and their purposes?
  24. Which is the first statement in cobol-ims programs?
  25. What are common status codes that you come across?
  26. What are the two types of fields available in IMS DB?
  27. What is the advantage of dynamic generation of ACB?
  28. What are the 3 essential fields required for a DL/I call?
  29. What are the main control blocks available in IMS DB?
  30. How many sgment types can u have in a DL/I database?
  31. What is the disadvantage of dynamic generation of ACB?
  32. How man key fields and search fields can a segment have?
  33. What is the return code you get after a successful IMS call?
  34. What is the limitation on the no. of levels in a DL/I database?
  35. What are the four control blocks of Message Format Service (MFS)?
  36. Is it necessary that all the segments in a Dl/i database have key fields?
  37. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Hierarchical Database?
  38. What is the interactive tool to work with ims database like spufi for db2?
  39. How can we distinguish between an online and batch program in IMS environment?
  40. How does one reorg an HDAM IMS database when changing RAPS (Root Anchor Points)?