Internet Marketing Interview Questions



Internet Marketing interview questions
Internet Marketing interview questions











Tell me about yourself


What do you mean by ?online marketing? or ?internet marketing??


How do you develop marketing plans through internet?


What are the different pricing in internet marketing for products or services?


When do you adopt a diversification growth strategy?


Give an example of one of the most difficult products to sell online


Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on your competitive skills where 1 is the least and

10 is the maximum.


What is the role of social media marketing?


How will you deal with a situation when your company is facing criticism on the internet news channels and social networking sites?


Does a profile in professional social networking sites help you acquire clients?


What do you do if a customer complains that the product did not deliver the results that the marketing ads claimed to prove?


Will you be interested to work in weekends?


What are your personal goals?


Do you like to be a contributor to the group or the leader of the group?


Where do you see yourself after 5 years?