Interview Tips and Questions for Teachers

The quality of any educational institute depends on the availability of good teachers or professors. A good teacher shows the right path to the students.

You should have good interest for teaching any thing to the students. When you attend the interview for the teacher?s jobs you need to follow all the interview tips. In any Job Interview you may face the question ?Tell me about yourself?. You need to give answer to this question with careful about your previous experience, your achievements, your leadership skills etc.

Interview Tips and Questions for TeachersYou may get the questions like why you choose teaching, what impact you to come in this field and you need to be prepared with small topic to teach in the class, if principal needs. Principal might ask you to teach some thing about any topic you like. In some schools principal may ask you to prepare and teach a sample lesson during your interview. When you teach the class ask some questions to the students. You need to follow all the tips for interview before going to teach jobs. You need to know some information about the school. You can get the all information on the internet.

You should have a variety of teaching interview questions ready. So that you can be ready to answer for any question they ask. Don?t be upset in any interview, if you don?t know the answer. Read all the interview tips for teacher before going any interview. Try practicing a mock teaching interview with your friends or colleagues.

You need to follow all these Interview tips and common Interview? questions asked for the teacher jobs. They are

1) What is your name?

2) Tell me about your self?

3) What are your strengths? They may ask about your weakness also.

4) If you get irritate with the students in the class. How do you handle classroom


5) Do you have any questions to ask me?

Ask them if you have any doubts about the school or else about the salary.

6) What are your favorite books?

7) How long you would like to work with us?

8) How can you know that a person is a good listener?

9) If student does not meet a deadline, how do you handle with him?

10) What subjects have you thought before?

11) He may ask you the questions to see you have leadership ability or not.

12) He will ask some of your projects you have done to see your team work.

13) Can you able to create the ideal school?

14) Can you answer with patience to all the students in the class?

15) What is the average class size you have taught?

16) Do your teachers participate in extra curricular activities?