Interview Tips For Candidates Attending for Second Interview Round

Once candidate successfully completes first round Interview they are called for second round interview, which is normally held in company headquarters or Main Branches according to company rules. Second Round Interview may take 1 to 3 days depending upon the company Policy. So get prepared to stay for 2 to 3 days when you attend for 2 round interviews. If you’ve survived the first round interview and been invited for a second, on-site interview, the employer is seriously considering you, and deems you to be a good potential fit for their organization.

Make sure to get the name, phone number, and job title of the person arranging the interview. Second Round Interview is either 0ne-on-One or by group of employees. Second Round Interview typically begins with someone in the Human Resources Department, then move on to various hiring managers,potential supervisors and co-workers, and higher level executives.

In second round interview questions are asked on many topics based on the role a candidate applies, questions are asked on Design to test candidate?s creative ability and focus on candidates. Also candidates are asked questions on coding and algorithm questions. Many questions asked are purposely ambiguous or abstract. It is expected that the candidate ask thought-provoking questions of the interviewer in order to better answer the question. The interviewer observes how the candidate attempts to solve a problem and follows the candidate’s thought processes.

Interview tips for candidatesEven companies arrange meal with Higher Authorities to asses how the candidate is fit into the group. So Concentrate on the conversation instead of the food and exercise good eating etiquette.

Normally companies ask the candidate to submit reimbursement form for any expenses incurred during the trip. Be sure that you know what the travel arrangements are, made by the company including what they will reimburse you for. Some employers will make all arrangement in advance of your trip, while some will expect you to pay and then reimburse you. Most large and mid-sized organizations will cover all of your expenses, i.e., airfare, rental car, lodging, and food. Be reasonable on the expenses you develop.

After the interview, be sure to send a thank you letter ideally with in two days and no longer than one week – even if you change your mind and are no longer interested in working for their organization. Address the letter to the key person who arranged the visit and be sure to mention the names of all the individuals you met.

The candidate then generally receives an e-mail or phone call detailing the outcome of the second-round interview. If selected, an offer is made and the candidate is given a list of starting dates to decide on whether to accept based on any other pending offers. In some companies even the candidate is asked for 3rd round for selection.