Jquery Interview Questions

  1. What is jQuery UI?
  2. How to use jQuery?
  3. What is jQuery connect?
  4. When can you use jQuery?
  5. How to use jQuery.connect?
  6. Explain how jQuery Works?
  7. How to execute jQuery code?
  8. Explain the features of jQuery?
  9. Where to download jQuery from?
  10. What are various jQuery Features?
  11. Why to load jQuery file from CDN?
  12. Jquery combined with other library?
  13. What are the Advantages of jQuery?
  14. JQuery is replacement of Java Script?
  15. Why is jQuery better than JavaScript?
  16. Is it too early to discuss jQuery UI 1.8?
  17. Whats next on the hitlist with jQuery UI?
  18. How can we get value of textbox in jquery?
  19. Which version of jQuery file should be used?
  20. How can we submit a form by ajax using Jquery?
  21. What are the different type of selectors in Jquery?
  22. How to use jQuery library in our ASP.Net project?
  23. Different ways of using $.connect function in jQuery?
  24. What would be new budding jQuery UI for developers?
  25. How can you select all elements in a page using jQuery?
  26. What are your tools of choice to get the jQuery job done?
  27. How to load local jQuery file in case CDN is not available?
  28. Name some of the methods of JQuery used to provide effects?
  29. What are jQuery Element Selectors and how did you use them?
  30. Explain the concepts of “$ function” in jQuery with an example?