Mac OS Interview Questions

  1. What is DSL?
  2. What is PPPoE?
  3. What is Mac OS X Server?
  4. How do you format on mac OS X?
  5. Where can I find more information?
  6. When was Mac OS X first released?
  7. Connect a windows xp to a mac os x?
  8. How do you delete files in Mac OS X?
  9. What is the point of terminal on a Mac?
  10. How do you work Photos cape on Mac?
  11. Where is the print screen key on a Mac?
  12. How do you take screen shots on the Mac?
  13. What software is bundled with a Mac book?
  14. How do you reformat a jump drive on a mac?
  15. What operating system does a Macintosh use?
  16. What is Macintosh’s newest operating system?
  17. How do you uninstall python in mac os x tiger?
  18. Can you install snow leopard on to a mac mini?
  19. How do you stream video from a mac to Xbox?
  20. Can Microsoft ActiveX controls run on Mac OS X?
  21. Where do I find the “recycle bin” on windows vista?
  22. What is the purpose of the Spanning Tree algorithm?
  23. What is the best image downloader software around?
  24. What is Mac FUSE? Is it the same as FUSE on Linux?
  25. Where do you go to download rumble fighter for MAC?
  26. How do you connect one mac wirelessly to another mac?
  27. What is the difference between Mac OS X and Windows?
  28. How to stop itunes from increasing the size of my videos?
  29. How do you connect a mac book pro to HD TV with audio?
  30. How do you install a program into a Mac’s applications folder?
  31. How to use External webcam with Mac book pro is it possible?
  32. How do you compress files or pictures using a Mac OSX 10.5?
  33. If you delete something from the Registry Editor does it uninstall?
  34. What can I do about Windows XP hanging up on a long file name?
  35. How do you transfer pictures from an iPhone onto a Mac computer?
  36. Why is ntfs-3g’s write performance so poor with Mac FUSE on OS X?
  37. Why can?t you transfer your files from mac power book to external hard drive?
  38. What if the ISP tells me that their DSL/PPPoE software does not work with Macintosh computers?
  39. With Mac OS 9, I used PPPoE software provided by my ISP. How do I use this software with Mac OS X?
  40. Where do you configure the tcp ip stack on mac os x the network secion or internet control panel or network utility?