What is Magento?

Magento is a very powerful and fast growing ecommerce script, created by Varien. It is an open-source platform using Zend PHP and MySQL databases. Magento offers great flexibility through its modular architecture, is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options that its users appreciate.

History of Magento :

Varien has developed Magento because this company recognized many limitations of the e-commerce platform OSCommerce. The platform lacks stability, unique features, and flexibility so they wanted to develop a better e-commerce platform. In 2007, they started developing Magento beginning with a release of the first beta community version at 31st August 2007.

At the beginning, the version would be called Bento but it was trademarked the name by another company. Hence, they unify it with Mage to launch Magento which is the famous name still used till today. Magento Community Edition has been developed and customized in order to provide a basic eCommerce platform.

Magento became more and more popular after 2009.It was even more popular than eCommerce itself. On April 15, 2009, Magento Enterprise Edition, which is derived from the Magento Community Edition, was released.

In the following year, 2010, Magento for Mobile was developed.

In February 2011, it was announced that eBay had invested in Magento and owned 49% ownership share of the company.Later in the same year, eBay bought Magento, with plans to merge it with new things.

On November 17, 2015, Magento 2.0 was released, with an aim to provide new ways to heighten user engagement, smooth navigation, conversion rates and overall revenue generation.

Advantages Of Magento :

1.Google Services with Magento :

The platform has proven itself better in efficiency and performance by shaking hands with the search engine giant Google. Many services of Google like Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base can be used with Magento. It thus facilitates in tracking traffic, uploading content and processing orders placed by customers. As a consequence, businesses can come up with better strategies to attract more of their target audience.

2.On Mobile :

In the mobile era, Magento Mobile will establish a fulfilling brand experience for consumers who use their smart phones and mobile devices to connect anytime and anywhere.

3.Coding :

Coding in Magento is not considered complex, because the core coding can be conveniently integrated with the third party coding. Both core code and third party code are clearly defined in Magento, allowing websites to draw bests of both. Further it is not disrupted by extensions and add-ons of future upgrades. Many businesses have switched to Magento for this reason as well.

4.Reporting :

Administration of websites is easier with Magento as compared to other ecommerce platforms because of reporting. Business owners get detailed report on the performance of their websites explaining info like what is on demand, what has gone out of stock, new items in market, etc. The current situation of the ecommerce businesses thus analyzed allows better strategizing.

5.No Geographical Constraints :

Language and currency are two considerable factors when an ecommerce website caters to a wide geographical audience. Magento with its unique features blur these boundaries and one can shop from almost any corner of world.

6.Marketing tools :

Magento ecommerce websites have various tools and technologies to promote the business. More potential buyers could be attracted by branding as facilitated by Magento. Options like Private Sales, Flexible Coupons, Catalog Promotional Pricing, Multi-Tier Pricing, Bundled Products, Landing page Tools for Campaigns, etc are among these tools.

7.Order Management :

One of the handiest facilities Magento offers enterprises is taking care of orders in a hassle-free way. Admin panel can create, view, edit and fulfill orders, raise invoices (one or multiple), print packing slip, create email notifications and RSS feed for new order, creation of reorder, etc.

8.Additional Components :

All Magento versions need one or the other plugins and add-ons to inculcate every need of a business while developing an ecommerce website. Adding is easily facilitated as the platform continues to grow and mature without disrupting the current settings. This also helps in introducing timely changes in the website.

9.Open Source :

Last but not the least, being open source Magento is going to evolve more. With every addition the platform is going to get better, and the improvements will also shape up ecommerce websites.

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