Matlab Interview Questions

  1. What is MATLAB?
  2. Explain Latex in Matlab?
  3. What can we use Matlab for?
  4. Explain about stress analysis?
  5. How to add noise to an image?
  6. What is the FAQ editorial policy?
  7. Can MATLAB pass by reference?
  8. Explain The MATLAB language?
  9. How to call matlab in batch mode?
  10. How to modify the MATLAB path?
  11. Explain Handle Graphics in Matlab?
  12. Can we run Matlab without graphics?
  13. What are the MATLAB System Parts?
  14. Explain about stress analysis in Matlab?
  15. How to add noise to an image in Matlab?
  16. On what machines Matlab should be run?
  17. Vectorization what is that? How to do it?
  18. How to correctly apply the graphics patches?
  19. How to save default settings across sessions?
  20. Explain The MATLAB working environment?
  21. Where can I find an archive of comp.soft-sys.matlab?
  22. Explain the MATLAB mathematical function library?
  23. How to correctly apply the graphics patches in Matlab?
  24. Why does MATLAB only calculate to 4 significant digits?
  25. Explain The MATLAB Application Program Interface (API)?
  26. How can I make MATLAB use the full window width for displaying matrices?