Mistakes to avoid during preparing a resume

?Are you a fresher and worried about preparing a good resume? If you don?t have an idea on how to prepare a resume and what kind of details you need to provide in a resume then read these below tips on how to prepare a resume and mistakes to avoid during preparing a resume. Don?t prepare your resume too much lengthy. You loose opportunities if your resume is not so impressive.

Mistakes to avoid during preparing a resumeLength of resume: Take care to fit the details within 2 pages. Don?t prepare resume like autobiography.? Resume must be legible and clear with headings and subheadings. Try to give necessary information.

Font size in Resume: Body of resume should be in same font. Show different size between headings and sub headings. Some persons use all capitals, this method is not acceptable.

Experience: ??Write your Job Experience in details and clearly. If it is not clear organizers may not focus on your resume.

Grammatical mistakes: ?Be careful about grammatical mistakes. Organizers can easily catch your mistakes. If lot of grammatical mistakes is there in the resume recruiters don?t allow them for written test.

Certificates: Candidate should write actual experience.? Writing fake experience may lead to unnecessary complications. It will affect job when it is realized.

Photos: Affix photo to the resume only if it is compulsory otherwise leave it. Because, organizations do not recognize employee?s efficiency with photos. Don?t say that I know all skills of present market. In this way you may caught in written test.? Just explain necessary skills relating to job.

Relevant Information:? Some persons put up fake details to attract recruiters. That may give bad result, it is better to show what you can do.

Debates: Don?t? give long speech about study level skills. Leadership qualities, intimacy can be recognized through the interest of cultural activities and sports interest. This is the main reason in asking about your school and college level activities. That?s why it is better to avoid explaining unnecessary activities.

Remember that Recruiters must get good impression on your resume. Keep proper margin on left side of resume. ?Mention clearly your Past experience, skills, reached destinations, received awards and other skills. Write every detail meaningfully in your resume. Use big font for name than remaining details. Check clearly whether you have given correct email, phone number and address details.