Oracle Forms Interview Questions

  1. What is folder form?
  2. What is customization?
  3. What is template form?
  4. What is a Form function?
  5. What is Form sub function?
  6. What is custom development?
  7. Can we modify all the trigger?
  8. What is use of custom library?
  9. What is table handler package?
  10. What is event handler package?
  11. Shall we delete exiting triggers?
  12. What is use of FNDSQF library?
  13. Why do we need custom library?
  14. What is use of APPCORE library?
  15. What do you mean by folder form?
  16. What is use of APPDAYPK library?
  17. Why do we need APPCORE Library?
  18. Can we put all the logic in the trigger?
  19. Which triggers should not be modified?
  20. Can we change the profile value? How?
  21. How do you find out the FMB file name?
  22. What are the different modals of windows?
  23. How the form sub function is implemented?
  24. What are the triggers we should not modify?
  25. How can you alter the default menu bar action?
  26. What is who column and how you set the values?
  27. What are the different display styles of list items?
  28. What is naming convention for Data base trigger?
  29. How can you change the default menu bar action?
  30. Name the standard libraries we have in template form?
  31. What is naming convention for Primary key Constraint?
  32. What are the steps you have to follow to register a Form?
  33. What are the standard libraries available in template form?
  34. What is a reference trigger? Can we modify a reference trigger?
  35. Name the directory having the FORMS source codes (FMB files)?
  36. Why we have to create packages instead of procedures / functions?
  37. What are the steps you have to follow to register a custom application?
  38. Name the directories where you have to copy your Fmb and Fmx files?
  39. Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and why?
  40. Why are views used in the data blocks of a standard form instead of mapping directly into the base tables?