Outgoing Links

Outgoing links :

Outgoing links refers to links pointing to other related sites from your site. Search engine spiders will crawl your site’s outgoing links and determine that the content of the sites you link to are related to the content of your own site.
How much importance outgoing links add to a site’s link popularity rating is still being debated by search engine optimization specialists

Link keywords :

It is important to name your internal and outgoing links carefully.

Since keywords play a major part in determining the relevancy of a Web page, it is essential that they are also included in link text.

Outgoing LinksLink quality :

The quality of the links is just as important.

The types of sites we should concentrate on getting links from include,

Major search engines like (Google.com),

popular search portals like (MSN.com),

web directories? like(Yahoo.com and Open Directory Project – dmoz.org),

high trafficked sites like (eBay.com and Amazon.com),

news sites like (CNN.com), and sites related to our site’s theme.

Link exchanges and farms :

Do not get links from link exchange sites and link farms. Link farms are networks of heavily cross linked pages on one or more sites, with the sole intention of improving the link popularity of those pages and sites. All of the major search engines consider such links as spam, so stay clear of these types of links.