Pathology Interview Questions

  1. When doing your job?
  2. What is a pathologist?
  3. What is the Arden syntax?
  4. What is a forensic pathologist?
  5. What are your research interests?
  6. Berry aneurysms result from atheroma?
  7. Describe to me your graduate education?
  8. Describe to me your best therapy session?
  9. In most cases dermoid cyst are congenital?
  10. Tell me about your undergraduate education?
  11. Do you prefer working with children or adults?
  12. Describe the special education referral process?
  13. What excites you the most about speech therapy?
  14. Squamous cell carcinoma only occurs in the skin?
  15. Are you okay working the same career for 30 years?
  16. What kind of help do you need to do your best work?
  17. What are your experiences working with articulation?
  18. What speech therapy method do you practice the most?
  19. What excercise do you encourage the most for NS-OME?
  20. Abnormalities of blood clotting occur in sickle cell disease?
  21. Describe any clinical experience you have had in undergrad?
  22. What are your experiences working with cognitive disabilities?
  23. Do you like to work in teams or are you an individual achiever?
  24. What experience do you have working with language disorders?
  25. Describe how you currently work or communicate with caregivers?
  26. Why did you decide to become a Speech and Language pathologist?
  27. What are your thoughts about inclusion and pull outs as therapy models?
  28. Talk to me about the controversies surrounding non-speech oral exercises?
  29. Have you helped a patient/student before? How rewarding was that for you?
  30. What are your experiences using oral motor approach to improve speech clarity?