QC Interview Questions

  1. What is test set?
  2. What is Host Manager?
  3. What is Quality Center?
  4. What is document generator?
  5. What is the role of QC admin?
  6. How many tabs are there in QC?
  7. What are the elements of a QC plan?
  8. How many tabs in QC and explain them?
  9. What is Test Parameter in Quality Center?
  10. What are the various types of reports in QC?
  11. How to export test cases from QTP into QC?
  12. What is requirement coverage in quality center?
  13. How to find the duplicate bugs in quality center?
  14. Is it possible to maintain test data in Quality Center?
  15. How you integrated your automated scripts with QC?
  16. How to switch between two projects in Quality Center?
  17. How will you generate the defect ID in Quality Center?
  18. How to export test cases from Quality Center to Excel?
  19. How to use QTP as an automation tool in Quality Center?
  20. What is the difference between Quality Center and Bugzilla?
  21. What is difference between Test Director and Quality Center?
  22. What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirement in TD /QC?
  23. How to run multiple manua tests at a time using quality center?
  24. How to import test cases from Excel / Word to Quality Center?
  25. How can we add and assign projects to users in Quality center?
  26. QC (Quality Center 9.0) how can you run automated test cases?
  27. How do we import test cases written in Excel to Quality Center?
  28. Where to map the requirements with test cases in quality center?
  29. What is the difference between Test Director and Quality Center?
  30. What are the different tabs available in test plan of Quality Center?
  31. What is the main purpose to storing requirement in Quality Center?
  32. What are the different versions of Quality Center and Test Director?
  33. How to ensure that there is no duplication of bugs in Quality Center?
  34. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control?
  35. What are the different types of default graphs available in Quality Center?
  36. Can you please explain the procedure of connecting Quality Center in QTP?
  37. What is the difference between “Find Similar Defects” and “Find Similar Text”?
  38. What is Quality Center used for? Or what are the benefits and features of Quality Center?
  39. What is the purpose of Dashboard in Quality Center and explain the advantages of dashboard in detail?
  40. While creating a new test in test plan when do we select test type as “Manual” and when “System Test”?