Sales Interview Questions

  1. How Can I Reach Clients Online?
  2. What is your psychology of selling?
  3. How Do I Build an Inside Sales Team?
  4. What skills make for a good negotiator?
  5. How Do You Move On From a Rejection?
  6. What are the Most Important Sales Skills?
  7. How can I market a financial e-newsletter?
  8. How can I rebrand my 5-year-old company?
  9. What’s the best way to expand my business?
  10. Where to get party supply to retail in a store?
  11. What is Customer service in the public service?
  12. What are the responsibilities of sales executive?
  13. How many social network profiles should I have?
  14. What value do you see in phone book advertising?
  15. How can I find new members for our campground?
  16. How can small businesses successfully use Twitter?
  17. What are tangible and intangible goods and services?
  18. What is the best way to find resellers for our product?
  19. What’s the best way to market my new niche business?
  20. How Do u Get Boutique Owners to Sell My Retail Product?
  21. How do we convert trial clients into full-paying members?
  22. Do they do any social media or other forms of advertising?
  23. How do I approach store owners about carrying my product?
  24. Why is it important to define a target market for your business?
  25. How do I attract businesses to purchase banner ads on my site?
  26. How can I develop a good marketing plan with a limited budget?
  27. What is the cost effective way to market a home-based business?
  28. Please tell me your sales department goals and plans in last 3 months?
  29. How should I search for prospective businesses for affiliate marketing?
  30. Who’s the best contact person when trying to sell business to business?
  31. What are the biggest problems for sales managers in a down economy?
  32. What marketing strategy is used to encourage consumers to buy goods?
  33. How do I decide whether to keep existing staff of the business I’m buying?
  34. What should I do if a good customer wants a reward for how much they spend?
  35. Can you describe the qualities you have that suit this position Marketing Assistant?
  36. What kind of marketing support is the manufacturer giving you? Do you have any sales sheets?
  37. On a limited budget, how can we reach out to customers who have a vested interest in our product?
  38. How do we market to customers in a multimillion dollar industry that stumble onto our product?
  39. What areas would your two most recent Managers say you should improve upon to become stronger?
  40. Please tell me your sales department structure and main duties of each sales position in your department?