SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI and its Features

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI software is the business intelligence (BI) choice for midsize companies that want to improve business processes, discover new opportunities, and get an advantage over the competition. SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI solutions provide customers with unprecedented transparency so employees throughout the organisation can make better decisions more quickly,

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI can address any BI requirement from flexible ad hoc query reporting and analysis, to dashboards and visualisation, to powerful data quality and integration ? making information available to everyone who needs it.

Developed with business users in mind, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI provides self-service access to live information, wherever and however people do their jobs ? from search, mobile devices and dashboards to integration with everyday Microsoft Office applications.

Features of SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI:

* Ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis for business:

With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, your decision makers benefit from flexible ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis via the Web-without relying on IT.

Through an intuitive Web interface, any business professional can access company data ? presented in business-friendly terms ? analyze it using simple point-and-click, and format it to meet personalized requirements. You have complete flexibility to access, format, and interact with their data both online or offline.

* Live data access within Microsoft Office:

With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, users can conveniently access and use live company data directly in familiar tools like Microsoft Office and SharePoint, making it easier to incorporate that data into presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

Because the data is live, it can be instantly updated while retaining all formatting and calculations in the Microsoft Office document. And the information is well secured to ensure colleagues can only view and access the data they have the permissions to access.

* Interactive dashboard viewing for executives and managers:

For executives and managers, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI let you deliver personalized business dashboards and visualizations. With simple point-and-click, users can interact with visual sliders and gauges to easily identify new opportunities and challenges.

And “what if” analysis lets managers proactively understand the impact of their decisions before they are made. Users can also present multiple business intelligence content in a single view, so you can gain quick, consolidated insight into your business performance.

* Mobile intelligence:

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI offers the capability to deliver content over any wireless device. You can drill and interact on reports and metrics and take immediate action.

Deployment is quick, easy, and secure, requiring no additional servers. Your users can be notified when a new report has been scheduled or modified. Plus, they can define what types of alerts they want to receive right through their mobile devices.

* Secure, easy-to-understand data for rapid decisions:

Information is useless unless you can access and understand it. With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, your business users don’t have to spend time trying to understand the complexities of their data environment.

They can benefit from robust data abstraction which presents data in standardized business terms that are easy to understand and trust. End users are empowered with self-service reporting and analysis based on relevant, easy-to-understand information.

* Rapid deployment options for faster time-to-value

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is designed for rapid deployment so you can quickly start realizing the benefits of business intelligence. This affordable package gives you everything you need to get started with your BI needs-from software licenses to technical support, and software updates to maintenance services.

* Robust administration:

Manage your entire SAP BusinessObjects Edge deployment through a single, web-based administration console.

* Data integration:

Easily extract, transform, and deliver data in real time or at any interval, allowing you to gain a single view of your organization

* Advanced publishing:

Schedule and publish personalized reports ? such as invoices, account statements.

* Secure semantic layer:

End users are empowered with data abstraction which presents data in standardized business terms that are easy to understand and trust for self-service reporting and analysis.