SAP HR Interview Questions

1. What are Dynamic Actions? Give few examples?

Ans: Dynamic actions when triggered by the system. They are result of some personnel action.? If changes are made (personnel action) to the personnel data of an info type, then has an effect on the data of a second info type, the system automatically displays the info type.? One of the main purposes of the dynamic action (of the system) is to have a consistent and coherent data.? These actions are started automatically by the system, unlike the Personnel actions which you start by yourself.? The best example is when an action is carried out like hiring; it needs to populate a set of info types. In the initial entry of details in info type 0000 is personnel action. Then the system automatically displays next info types- which are result of dynamic action.

2. What is the difference between Indian and US Payroll? Does each of them have their own ITs and the taxation differs?

Ans: Yes, since the Benefits which are more important in US.? In US unemployment tax will come. Garnishments will come, Residence taxation, Work tax and others.

3. What is the role of an administrator in PA?

Ans: The role of an administrator is to restrict access to Personnel administration based on PA/PSA. Administrator can come across for Personnel administration, Time management, and Payroll in sap. Each administrator is responsible for each individual activity. We can get the name of the administrator in the pay slip so the employee for any clarification we can meet the responsible administrator (accessed through payslip).

4. What are the three in screen?

Ans: Three parts in the screen are:

1. Search Area: Clicking on search button will prompt you to enter ID in search area and thus the name will be displayed in selection area.

2. Selection Area: Clicking on it, the details are displayed in Work Area.

5. What is Recruitment Cycle?

Ans: Its is the complete process of? recruitment right from identifying the vacancies displaying the same, notifying them, inviting the applicants, screening the applicants, interviewing them, selecting them, and recruiting them and appointing them(giving an organizational position in the organization all theses processes constitute the recruitment cycles.

5. What is an Organizational Management?

Ans: Organizational Management is a plan and reporting structure of a company. OM is helpful to depict the organizational plan and reporting structures of a company, whereas organizational plan is a blue print. The relationship in OM is two way i.e. Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top.

6. How can Organization plan be created?

Ans: The organizational plan can be created through different modules. They are: Organizing & Staffing

  • Simple Maintenance
  • Expert Mode
  • Graphical Structure.

7. Explain the Enterprise Structure and explain?

Enterprise Structure is:


Client is an independent legal unit, org unit of the system it?s a 3 characters alpha numeric unique in a system. System contains client specific & non specific elements.

Company Code is the highest level in a client; which has its own balance sheet.

Personal Area represents a specific area of the enterprise and is organized according to aspects of personnel, time management and payroll, company grouping should be same in that company code. Country groups control master records for wage types, pay scale groups. Unique company defines payroll area, location.

Personal Sub Area represents a specific area of the company organized according to certain aspects of personnel, time management and payroll which describes business characteristics of the Enterprise Structure at least one PSA must be defined even if it is not going to be used.

8. What is meant by authorization?

Ans: Authorizations are the transactions given to the end users or the developers for only some areas to work, info types, transaction codes, org units and others depending on the requirement of the client or the developing enterprise.

9. What is IT 41 used for? How to default IT 41?

Ans: Date Specifications (Info type 0041).? The following information is recorded in the Date Specifications info type (0041). The Date type specifies the type of information.? A concrete Date type (specified by the user) is used in a series of reports, for example to evaluate an entry date that cannot be derived from the organizational assignment history but which is stored in the Date Specifications info type (0041).?? This info type can be used in payroll as well as for the leave program.? The standard system contains twelve combinations of Date type and Date. If the requirement is more than twelve date specifications for an employee at the same time, then the time constraint 3 is used.

10. How many types of reports exist in SAP HR?

Ans: There are four types of reports:

1. SAP standard query.
2. HIS can start HIS from any plan versions.
3. Adhoc (in other modules known as Info set) can access data fm all HR areas by choosing selection and output fields. Selection made directly from the database. Std. authorization checks take place at the info type & org assignment levels.
4. ABAP query.