SAP PP Interview Questions

1. Is it possible to attach a drawing for a material to BOM and what is the process?

Ans: Yes, it?s possible to attach a drawing for a material to BOM and coming to the process create a document using Transaction Code CV01N Create Document and attach the drawing in that document. Then the system will automatically generate a document number and then assign this document in the BOM with item category D.

2. For SAP PP module what are the cut over activities followed?

Ans: The following are some of the cut over activities that are to be followed for PP Discrete Manufacturing: Production Planning/ Master Data: In PP only master data shall be migrated to SAP; there is no master data in the first stage. The elements that are related to PP in the master data are Bill of Materials, Routing and Work Centers.

Transaction Data: As per the cut off date, ideally there should not be any work in process, all the open production orders should be closed and semi finished goods would be dismantled and should be added to Raw materials. This strategy should be followed for all production order where lead time to complete the production order is not large.

Since, the production orders are for longer duration and it is not possible to dismantle the product and add it to inventory, following can be the strategy to migrate the data to SAP It create a material master for the work in process and set the standard price as the cost incurred for that product (Work in process), create a bill of material, which will be used only for this production order including this material and other materials still to be consumed. It creates Routing for rest of the production process. Bring the work in process material into inventory as of the cut off date. It creates the production orders in SAP for the Work in process and issue materials to production order.

3. What is the procedure to insert an inspection checkpoint at the end of an operation?

Ans: The procedure to insert an inspection is by defining it in the process sample, assign inspection type 03 in the Material Master then create MIC and assign them in the Routings. Then the system automatically generates the Inspection Lots.

4. Explain me why work scheduling view is required for semi finished and finished products?

Ans: Work Schedule view is required for semi finished and finished products because all the details are mentioned in MRP views and they are also available for production for scheduler and production scheduler profile in this view, if not maintained conversion of planned order to production will not be possible.

5. What is Batch?

Ans: The partial quantity of material managed separately from other quantity of same material in stock is called Batch.

6. How to delete a group of products that are created in Screen MC84 and group of products?

Ans: The product group is created as a material master record with material type PROD and this record is deleted in SARA and the members deleted in the product group and then archive the product group in transaction SARA. Object MM_MATNR.

7. What is the procedure for MPS in Back ground online when it was run for a plant either ways?

Ans: MPS in Back ground online was run for a plant in either ways it would run MPS for a single material/plant, if it does not work it need to run a planning file and a consistency check first, transaction OMDO and MDRE respectively it require to set up two jobs to do it but it is straight forward, once it was done this set up the back ground job MPS to run and do it in NEUPL first time round and then change to NETCH after that.

8. What is the output of MPS run?

Ans: MPS is run to plan the materials which are of ‘A’ type in the abc analysis (80% dollar value) that have to be planned before. MPS is also a type of MRP only in which components just below the materials on which MPS run is taken place, are planned.

9. List some components of BOM?

Ans: Components of BOM are List of Components, Quantity of Components and Unit of Measure of Components.

10. How does SAP know that an operation has components as indicated by the component allocation indicator?

Ans: Component allocation is done by routing maintenance or BOM maintenance for the assembly. This is master data maintenance. As soon as a PO is created, the master data is read into the PO.