SAP Reports Interview Questions

  1. What is LDB?
  2. What is CAT?
  3. What is SQL Trace?
  4. BDC Transaction code?
  5. What are Text Elements?
  6. What are the Cluster Tables?
  7. What is an Unpack command?
  8. How can you call the Sessions?
  9. What is the reserve command?
  10. What are Layout set Elements?
  11. What is an Interactive Report?
  12. Can you call Report in SAP Script?
  13. What are function modules in LDB?
  14. What are event keywords in reports?
  15. Exit and Stop. What is the difference?
  16. What are the ways of creating Tables?
  17. How many ways you can create Table?
  18. What are the Events in Dialog Programs?
  19. Check and Continue. What is the difference?
  20. How to navigate basic list to secondary list?
  21. What are user exits? What are customer exits?
  22. How can validate input values in selection screen and which event was fired?
  23. A table is buffered. I want to get the data from database. How?
  24. When you create sales report, What you can see in that report? What are field names?
  25. What is difference between ON Change of and At New Field?
  26. What is the difference between start_form and open_form in scripts?
  27. How many types of standard SAP Internal Tables?
  28. What is the Difference between Data Element and Domain?
  29. Which is the First character of creating LockObject?
  30. What is the Difference Between Table controls and Step Loops?
  31. What are the SET Parameter and GET Parameter?
  32. How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?
  33. What are Difference Between Classical Batch Input and Call Transaction?
  34. What is ABAP Memory and SAP Memory?
  35. Distinguish between setscreen and call screen?
  36. What is the Difference Between Collect and Sum?
  37. What is Refresh in Internal Table?
  38. How many types of Standard Internal Tables?
  39. Explain Check Table and Value Table?
  40. What are the various techniques of BDC?
  41. What are the EVENTS in Report Program? What are EVENTS In Interactive Report and Explain?
  42. What are Function Modules?
  43. Have you used SM30 and SM31 transactions?
  44. Have you worked with reading and writing data on to files?
  45. What is ALE, IDOC , EDI , RFC. Explain briefly.?
  46. What are the difference between table controls and step loops in dialog programming?
  47. What is meant by BDC. How many methods of BDC are there?
  48. What is the difference between transparent and non transparent database tables?
  49. How many dictionary objects are there and list all?
  50. How many interactive reports did you write?
  51. Difference between Table-Controls and Step-loops?
  52. Have you created any transactions?
  53. How will you find out where the user exits are available?
  54. Types of User Exits, what kind of work is done on these exits?