SharePoint Interview Questions

  1. What is SharePoint?
  2. What is SharePoint from an Administration Perspective?
  3. How does SharePoint empower business users?
  4. How do you install web parts?
  5. What security levels are assigned to users?
  6. What is the relationship between Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Windows Services?
  7. What is a web part zone?
  8. What is a DWP?
  9. How do I make my site non-restricted?
  10. Does a SharePoint Web site include search functionality?
  11. What would you like to see in the next version of SharePoint?
  12. How can I raise the trust level for assemblies installed in the BIN directory?
  13. How is security managed in SharePoint?
  14. What is the difference between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?
  15. What is SharePoint from a Technical Perspective?
  16. Can I ask users outside of my organization to participate in my Windows SharePoint Services site?
  17. How are web parts developed?
  18. What is the difference between a site and a web?
  19. What are the advantages of a hosted SharePoint vs. one that is on an in-house server?
  20. What are the advanced features of MOSS 2007?
  21. What are the integration differences between SPS 2003 and the various Office versions?
  22. What is a meeting workspace?
  23. What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site?
  24. What are the actual advantages of SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) over SharePoint Team Services (STS)?
  25. Are there any browser recommendations?
  26. Can each user have access to their own calendar?
  27. How can Office SharePoint Server 2007 help you?
  28. How secure are Windows SharePoint Services sites hosted by Microsoft?
  29. How do I open an older version of a document?
  30. What is a template?
  31. Why do the workspace virtual directories show the error ?stop sign? symbol in the IIS snap-in?
  32. How Does SharePoint work?
  33. What are the features of the new Content management in Office SharePoint 2007?
  34. Can SharePoint be linked to an external data source?
  35. What is Microsoft Windows Services?
  36. How is SharePoint Portal Server different from the Site Server?
  37. What are the main benefits of Office SharePoint Server 2007?
  38. What is a web part?
  39. How can I make my site public? By default, all sites are created private.
  40. What is the GAC?
  41. What types of files can I upload / post to the site?
  42. What is a document library?
  43. What is SharePoint from a Users Perspective?
  44. How do I invite users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site? Is the site secure?
  45. Are there any IT requirements or downloads required to set up my SharePoint site?
  46. What are the benefits of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?
  47. What are the differences between web part page gallery, site gallery, virtual server gallery and online gallery?
  48. Can I post any kind of document?
  49. What does partial trust mean the Web Part developer?
  50. Does SharePoint work with NFS?
  51. Can SharePoint be linked to a SQL database?
  52. What is Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services? How is it related to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?
  53. How customizable is the user-to-user access?
  54. What is the difference between a document library and a form library?
  55. What is a workspace?
  56. What suites of the 2007 Microsoft Office system work with Office SharePoint Server 2007?
  57. How many files can I upload?
  58. What is a document workspace?
  59. What are picture libraries?
  60. Will SharePoint Portal Server and Team Services ever merge?