SQR Interview Questions

  1. Why SQR is used?
  2. What is -Tnn flag?
  3. What is -Bnn flag?
  4. What is .SQC and .SQT?
  5. What is -RS & -RT Flags?
  6. What is use of SETENV.SQC?
  7. What are On-break parameters?
  8. What are On-break parameters?
  9. What are variable types in SQR?
  10. What is the program flow of SQR?
  11. What is -debug command line flag?
  12. How can you Debug SQR programs?
  13. What is the difference between them?
  14. How can u Debugging SQR programs?
  15. How to place an corporate logo in sqr?
  16. Is there any read-only variable in sqr?
  17. How to do performance tuning in SQR?
  18. How will you display an image in SQR?
  19. Is there any read-only variable in sqr?
  20. What are the debugging commands in sqr?
  21. What are different types of variables in sqr?
  22. What is the difference between sqr and sqc?
  23. What are the stages of program flow in SQR?
  24. How will you perform ERROR handling in SQR?
  25. Which section is mandatory in an SQR program?
  26. How to refer a global variable in local procedure?
  27. How do you link SQR reports to process scheduler?
  28. What are the commands used in file handling of sqr?
  29. Is it possible to increase the array size once defined?
  30. What is the SQC used to read data from translate table?
  31. Can you connect more than one database using one Sqr?
  32. What is Load-lookup? Give the Syntax for Load-Lookup?
  33. How many ways of performance tuning are there in SQR?
  34. What is the SQT file? What are the advantages of SQT files?
  35. Briefly explain Most commonly used SQC?s in SQR programs?
  36. How to pass Inputs for sqr program while running from windows?
  37. What are the commands that can be called from setup section of a SQR?
  38. What are the important Sac?s that needs to be attached to SQR program?
  39. What are the steps required to run the SQR from people soft environment?
  40. How to pass Inputs to the SQR while running through the Process Scheduler?
  41. How to pass command line flags to a sqr report running through process scheduler?