X86 Interview Questions

X86 Interview Questions What is stack? Define HCMOS? What is NV-RAM? What is interrupt? What is a compiler? What is cache memory? What is a Microprocessor? What is meant by LATCH? Can ROM be used as stack? Is the data bus is Bi-directional? Is the address bus unidirectional? Which processor […]

Gimp Interview Questions

Gimp Interview Questions What is GIMP? What is www.Gimp.com? What is Script-Fu in GIMP? What is Net-Fu? Where is it? What does the future in GIMP? How can I change the GIMP font? Does GIMP have scanner support? Can GIMP install its own color map? Is XInput support available in […]

Firewalls Interview Questions

Firewalls Interview Questions What is Virus? What is Proxy? What is Worm? What is Logging? What is Trojan horse? What is Bastion Host? What is Authorization? What is DNS spoofing? What is Log Retention? What is Least Privilege? What is Access Router? What is Authentication? What is Screened Host? What […]

Matlab Interview Questions

Matlab Interview Questions What is MATLAB? Explain Latex in Matlab? What can we use Matlab for? Explain about stress analysis? How to add noise to an image? What is the FAQ editorial policy? Can MATLAB pass by reference? Explain The MATLAB language? How to call matlab in batch mode? How […]

C# Interview Questions

C# Interview Questions What is interface in c#? What is an abstract class? What are constructor in C#? Does C# support C type macros? What is mean “Death of Diamod”? Can you inherit multiple interfaces? What is the name of c#.net compiler? Does C# support multiple inheritance? Why would you […]

JSF Interview Questions

JSF Interview Questions What are JSF releases? What is JSF architecture? What are the main tags in JSF? What are the advantages of JSF? What are the JSF life-cycle phases? How JSF Fits For Web Applications? How to download PDF file with JSF? What is JSF life cycle and its […]