Taxation Interview Questions

  1. What is FBT?
  2. What is tax audit?
  3. What is Tax refund?
  4. How is STT applied?
  5. What is capital gain?
  6. What is deferred tax?
  7. What is Income Tax?
  8. What is working capital?
  9. What is deferred tax assets?
  10. What is Differed tax Liability?
  11. What triggers Capital Gains Tax?
  12. Define Amortization & Impairment?
  13. What Is the Role of Taxes & Taxation?
  14. What is Inter Company Reconciliation?
  15. What is the Securities Transaction Tax?
  16. Justification for deferred tax accounting?
  17. What is the Capital gains tax in Australia?
  18. What is assessment year and previous year?
  19. What is Permanent Account Number (PAN)?
  20. What is the difference between profit and gain?
  21. What items fall under the category of ‘securities’?
  22. When Deferred Tax Asset & Deferred tax liability arises?
  23. What is the difference in between Fund flow Vs. Money Flow?
  24. Differences between the carrying amount of an asset or liability?
  25. Description for the Accounts Payable Book Reconciliation Methodology?
  26. What are the tax exemptions in regards to short term and long term capital gains?
  27. Explanation of the net debits and credits of Outstanding Amount on Explanation Sheet Attachment?
  28. Financial Year, Assessment Year and Previous Year, do these commonly used income tax jargons often confuse you?
  29. Give some typical features of a Modern Accounting Package such as Pastel Evolution for the Accounts Payable and/or Creditors Book?
  30. Does the NRI have to pay property tax if they buy property in India? Can a person fill a NRI in a Income tax form if he has been out of India for six months though he is Indian citizen?