Testing Interview Questions Asked In Companies

1. What is configuration Management?
2. What is change management?
3. What are Severity and priority levels?
4. What is Data integrity and Data validity?
5. What are the browsers available and explain their versions?
6. Is it possible that Quality variates project to project?
7. What are GUI Map files and explain their Contents?
8. What is Data base check point and why we go for that?
9. What is the difference between the Client server application and a Web application?
10. Does win runner Supports Web applications?
Testing Interview Questions11. What is process Management?
12. What is an Error, Defect, and Bug?
13. What is Quality?
14. Which version of Win runner you are using?
15. What is Build Verification and why we go for it?
16. What is Defect density?
17. What is Integration testing?
18. What is Static testing and types of Static testing?
19. What is Validation testing?
20. What is Data driven testing and why we go for data driven testing?
21. What is the definition of Testing?
22. What is Sanitation Testing?
23. What is a test plan?
24. Actually when will be the testing people will be involved in the project?
25. Define low priority and high severity?
26. Whom do you report the Bugs?
27. What are the contents present in a test plan?
28. Which model will you follow?
29. Which Bug tracking tool do you use and what are the contents present in it?
30. If a bug is reported what will be the Next work done?
31. How to write test cases using Use case diagrams?
32. For a given condition (X>=0<100) how many test cases you can write?
33. Explain Classical water fall model?
34. Integration testing is conducted by developers or testers?
35. An application is given how do you test for example the money deposited in account no.2 should be transferred to Account no.1?
36. What is V model?
37. What is BUG life cycle?
38. What is alpha testing and beta alpha testing?
39. What is verification testing and validation testing?
40. What are ISO and CMM standards levels?
41. Which should be given more preference I.e. severity or priority?
42. How to use the test director in your project?
43. What is use of recovery manager in QTP?
44. What are the add INS in QTP?
45. What are expressions in QTP?
46. If the developers are not convinced with your bug in this case what will you do?
47. If the developers are developing the application then what is the job assigned to the testers?
48. What is system testing?
49. What is smoke testing?
50. What is sanity testing?

TESTING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS probably asked for Second Round.

51. What are joins and subjoins in the data bases?
52. What is data driven testing?
53. What is verification and validation?
54. What is Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)?
55. Is Verification is related to QA and Validation is related to QC?
56. Which type of model you follow basically in your project?
57. What is a use case?
58. How to test a Bike?
59. How to test a Lift (Elevator).?
60. Which configuration Management tool do you use?
61. Which Bug tracking tool do you use?
62. Explain Bug life cycle?
63. What is Regression testing?
64. What is ALPHA testing and BETA testing?
65. What types of testing comes under Non functional testing?
66. What is TEST DIRECTOR?
67. What is CMM and CMM I ?
68. What are Expressions in Win runner?
69. What is a Compile module?
70. Is it Necessary to open the tool first or the application first?
71. After getting a bug what will you do?
72. If you add a new object or a new module for the existing application then how will you test the application?
73. Which Defect tracking tool do you use?
74. What is change management?
75. What is smoke Testing?
76. What is sanity testing?
77. A application is given to you but the requirements and functionalities are missing what will you do to start the testing?
78. Which testing documents will be received by the client?
79. What is BVA and ECP?
80. Do we have recovery manger in Win runner?
81. How does the win runner recognizes the project?
82. How is win runner is used in the project?
83. What is the difference between Sleep and wait in win runner?
84. What is integration testing and types of testing present?
85. What is system testing?
86. What is data driven testing?
87. What is functionality testing?
88. If requirements are given to you then how do you write the test cases for it?
89. What are the types of recording modes in win runner?
90. What are the three modes of running a test in win runner?
91. What is synchronization point?
92. What are the contents present in a test case?
93. Do we need testing for the project?
94. What is code review and code walk through?
95. At which phase the testing starts (begin) in the project?
96. How do we test Client server applications and a Web application?
97. What is verification and validation?
98. What is adhoc testing?
99. What is traceability matrix?
100. What is base line document?
101. What is Test Life Cycle?
102. What is regression testing and retesting?
103. What is a BUG LIFE CYCLE?
104. What is a Bug?
105. What are defects?
106. What is functionality testing and system testing?
107. A project has to be released in one day but the testing people got that project from the developers half of the day before so what they have to do to complete the testing process?
108. What are severity level and priority levels?
109. Which version of WINRUNNER and QTP you are using in the project?
110. What is the use of Recovery manager in QTP?
111. What is retesting and regression testing?
112. Write the SQL queries for the following EMP table to select the employee id and his details from EMP table?
113. For example: employee dept and employee id and employee name and employee salary?