Tips for a break at Networking events

Many job seekers are scared by networking events since because they don?t know how to approach people at events. Networking is not about how many resumes or business cards you hand out, but how you establish rapport and build a relationship that can lead to opportunities. Networking events helps to know about other people and as a job seeker how you can gain help from them.

Attending a networking event is only the beginning of the networking process but effective networking takes time to build lasting relationships where both parties can help one another.

At networking events you approach people in a way that later affords relationships where they can help one another. To succeed at networking events as a job seeker you need to follow few tips for a break.

1. At Networking events leave people you meet with a good impression. Make people to feel your positive energy and to see you are willing to help others, as well as have a special area of expertise they will potentially want your advice and counsel on in the future. This will help ensure the relationship and conversation you have continues to grow after you leave the event.

2. Have to change your mindset, the way of thinking for a break at networking events as a chance to get to know others and as a place where you can seek advice from someone who may come with a different point of view. Unless you show interest in others and ask for advice, they will be more willing to help you or connect you to people who can help.

3. Since most of the networking events are sponsored by a person or an organization. Find out what they’re planning to get out of the Networking event so that you can find yourself a business partner for a joint venture or even a potential customer or a job.

4. Your appearance makes a lots of sense when attending networking events. You should appear approachable and be willing to meet others. Just have a smile to people you come in eye contact with and avoid poor body language such as crossing your arms or keeping your head down.

5. Take the help of your associate or friend for the introduction of the people you want to meet at Networking events. It would be easier for you to get a conversation started between two people who don?t know one another then you can build rapport and find out possible commonalities that will help both of you establish a relationship.

6. Make yourself introduced to the other person directly whom you want to approach by introducing your full name, so that you can proceed with the conversation between the two of you that becomes more comfortable, steer the conversation toward a direction where you may ask for advice.

7. There may be many who might be feeling awkward at the networking events who are simply standing at one place or sitting at a table by themselves, then you try to approach them and simply ask a question or provide a comment they could relate to. Then you can introduce yourself after two or three more questions or comments. From there, your conversation can change focus where you learn more about the other individual and share information about yourself.

8. During networking events keep all questions open-ended and leave comments that allow others to explore. Establish a relationship where the other individual grows to feel comfortable speaking with you.

9. After the networking event always follow the people whom you met with just an email saying that it was good to meet you and do it within a couple of days of the event while you are still fresh in their minds. develop the relationship further by inviting for a coffee if someone was of particular interest and try to help them.